Saturday, November 12, 2011

Special Court judge Saini rejects Raja\'s plea

New Delhi, November 12, 2011(Tehelkanews)

The trial in the 2G spectrum case began at the Special Court here on Friday amid a protest by the former Telecom Minister, A. Raja, who refused to cross-examine witnesses on the ground that the trial could not start till the investigation was over.

Mr. Raja\'s counsel Sushil Kumar pointed out that the CBI had apprised the Supreme Court of the investigations progressing against the Loop Telecom, which was also granted UAS licences.

Right to recall

Counsel moved an application stating that only after the probe was over and all statements were supplied to him would the "right to recall the witnesses for the cross-examination be exercised."

Clarifying that he did not want to hinder the trial, Mr. Raja told the court that it could proceed with the trial.

"The court can record the examination-in-chief [of the witnesses] but I will cross-examine only when the probe is complete as I am going to be there since I have issued the licences [to telecom firms]," he said.

Special Judge O.P. Saini immediately dismissed Mr. Raja\'s application, facilitating the cross-examination of Anand Subramaniam by other accused, some of whom pointed out to the judge that Mr. Raja not cross-examining the witnesses would affect their case.

"Sailing behind him"

"Everything emanates from accused number one [Mr. Raja] and if he is not participating in the trial, it will affect us. Unless Mr. Raja cross-examines the prosecution witnesses, how could we know what his case is? We are sailing behind him," said counsel Majid Memon.

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