Friday, November 25, 2011

The terrific on screen jodi of John and Akshay is back this Friday with ‘Desi Boyz’

The duo had got rave reviews for their comic timing in 'Garam Masala' earlier.

So, here they are once again but this time as Jerry and Nick. 'Desi Boyz' is a male centric film that also shows different shades of bromance between two thick friends. Akshay Kumar who plays the role of Jignesh a.k.a Jerry in the film works as a security personnel and John Abraham a.k.a Nick works as a banker and the two have a brilliantly sorted life. They share a great bond and absolutely live it up, until recession hits the job markets world over and both of theirs jobs run into troubled waters.

Nick who had a well paid job as a banker and gave out a responsible vibe to his long term girlfriend Radhika played by Deepika Padukone, starts to face financial crisis. On the other hand Jerry who worked as security personnel faces trouble as he is not able to fulfill his responsibilities towards his nephew Veer who his sister left behind. Now due to financial crisis, Veer gets sent to the orphanage.

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