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Anjaana Anjaani Review, Ratings & Response Rating - 2 / 5

The fresh pair of Bollywood Priyanka Chopra aka Piggy Chops and Ranbir haven\'t missed a single opportunity to promote their new flick \'Anjaana Anjaani\'. Two strangers Akash (Ranbir Kapoor) and Kiara (Priyanka Chopra) meet on a bridge in Manhattan where both are trying to throw themselves down in a suicidal bid, being unable to cope with the hurdles of life any longer. But jump, they can\'t, and end up together in a pact which sees them spending 20 days together before they take the final plunge.

Though it looks like a same old love story kind of a film where you also wish that the duo should have suicide at the first point meet on the bridge then you wouldn\'t have to sit and waste your time, however performances from Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor is perhaps the only thing which catches the eye in the movie where as Ranbir Kapoor continues his rock-steady run and is one of the main factors that make the film so poignant.

The premise of two sad people meeting on a bridge and going on a road trip is taken from the French film Girl On The Bridge. The idea of a to-do wish-list before dying echoes The Bucket List. The poster is copied from An Education.The screenplay, co-written by Siddharth and Advaita Kala from a story by Mamata Anand, goes nowhere fast.

Overall, Anjaana Anjaani cannot be considered as the complete entertainment for viewers and looks like a forced drama. Response is likely to be low as another big movie \'Robot\' has been released.

Rating - 2 / 5

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Review: Robot ----- this roller-coaster ride should be experienced.

Cast: Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Danny Danzongppa

Music: AR Rahman

Director: Shankar

If Robot the film was a person, it would be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Parts of the film are superbly entertaining – the scale is spectacular, the story is ambitious and the special effects are impressive. But parts, especially in the second half, are so needlessly stretched and cacophonous, that you're just waiting for it to end.

Still, I strongly recommend that you see Robot, to partake in writer-director Shankar's prodigious imagination and to revel in the sheer force of nature that is Rajinikanth.

When you buy a ticket to a Rajinikanth film, you enter into a pact with the actor. The only rule in a Rajinikanth movie is that there are no rules. Rajinikanth, whose contract reportedly specifies that he be credited as superstar, reigns supreme.

In Robot, he plays a double role – Dr. Vasi, who creates an andro-humanoid robot named Chitti, also played by Rajinikanth. As pure machine, Chitti functions well enough but trouble starts when Dr. Vasi imbues human emotions into him.

Chitti falls in love with his creator's girlfriend, Sana played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, creating a singularly unique love triangle. When Chitti's feelings aren't reciprocated – Sana thinks of him as a 'toy-friend' instead of a boyfriend - all hell breaks loose.

Robot's most compelling feature is the character of Chitti. Deriving from sources ranging from Blade Runner to Frankenstein, Shankar uses Chitti to make a comment on the human condition.

Like us, Chitti wants to live, he wants to love but like us, he is also tragically flawed, capable of blinding hubris and horrific destruction. Of course these sub-texts are buried under masala so extravagant that your jaws drop.

There are several gorgeously shot songs, including one in Machu Picchu, that has several llamas in the frame with a swaying Aishwarya

. Sadly however, A R Rahman's music is singularly unmemorable.

As is the character of Sana who is essentially a Barbie doll required to look either gorgeous or afraid. Let me also warn you that it takes some time to get used to the film's supremely over-the- top sensibility. Robot doesn't have an under-stated moment in its three-hour running time.

At one point, Chitti has an extended conversation with mosquitoes. And it took me a good ten minutes just to get past the wig that Rajinikanth wears as Dr. Vasi.

But once you're in the flow of things, the plot gives you no time for pause. Of course the scale moves to another level with the special effects that have been done by some of the same technicians who worked on Jurassic Park. In the climax, an army of Chittis transforms itself into a snake and gorges on the enemy.

But through all these fantastical, futuristic images, Shankar keeps the flavor strictly home- grown. The robot is given his name by Dr. Vasi\'s mother and even though Chitti menacingly abducts Sana, it never gets too risqué.

Robot rides on Rajinikanth's shoulders and he never stoops under the burden. Aided by snazzy clothes, make-up and special effects, he makes Chitti endearing.

Robot is exhausting. You won't have much energy left when it's done. But this roller-coaster ride should be experienced.

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A sneak-peek into ‘Tees Maar Khan’

One of the most awaited films this year is Farah Khan's 'Tees Maar Khan' set to release on 24th December starring Akshay Kumar, Akshaye Khanna, Katrina Kaif, Raghu Ram, Rajiv Laxman, Arya Babbar, and Anil Kapoor. Akshay plays the role of Tabrez Mirza Khan, Katrina portrays Anya and Akshaye Khanna plays Atish Kapoor. The movie's soundtrack has been composed by Vishal-Shekhar and lyrics are written by Javed Akhtar.

The story revolves around a criminal who cons and steals fearlessly and shamelessly. He is an international criminal and his gang comprising of Dollar, Soda and Burger. The story takes a gripping turn when international antique smugglers, the Johri Brothers, assign Tees Maar Khan the task of robbing antiques worth 500 crore rupees from a heavily guarded moving train.

The special attraction of the film is the item song by Salman Khan and her off and on love Katrina Kaif.

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Ayodhya\'s verdict cancels Akshay\'s DJ night

The long awaited Ayodhya verdict was finally declared yesterday afternoon and it received mixed reactions. One Bollywood actor,who, has a reason to be disappointed after the verdict, is Akshay Kumar.

Buzz up!Akshay has arranged for a DJ night last evening at a night club in Colaba. The night aimed at promoting his upcoming movie Action Replayy staring him and Aishwarya Bachchan. But, the event was cancelled due the Ayodhya-Babri Masjid verdict.

The actor had prepared a lot for the DJ night with his wife Twinkle, director Vipul Shah and mother in law Dimple Kapadia. He had arranged for a collection of several popular retro numbers from the 1970's as the their movie is based on that era. But, all his musical plans turned futile, for the day. Nevertheless, he confirmed that the DJ night will surely happen soon.

Director Vipul Shah was quoted saying that Babri Masjid is a very important issue for India and everyone should pay respect to it. He added that 35 days are still left for the film\'s release and the event can be organized later on some other day.

We, hope to get a rocking party from the Action Replayy team soon.
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Music director Chandrabose dead

CHENNAI: Music director, singer and actor Chandrabose died in Chennai on Thursday morning. The man, who composed the hugely popular \'Superstaru yarunnu ketta\' for the Rajnikanth-starrer \'Raja Chinna Roja,\' had been suffering from cirrhosis of the liver for the last few years. His condition deteriorated last week and he was shifted to two private hospitals before being admitted at the Government General Hospital where he breathed his last. He was 63.

At a time when emerging music directors were required to deliver commercial numbers aimed at the masses, Chandrabose managed to score music that did not compromise on its structure, in almost all the 100-plus films he was involved in. \"There was always a strong melody content in his works, and while most of us concentrated on rhythm, he paid attention to \' charanam\' and \'pallavi\' in his compositions,\" said music director D Imman.

Entering films in 1978 with scoring the music for \'Madhura Geetham\', Chandrabose went on to make music for films of \'Sivaji\' Ganesan, Rajnikanth, Arjun and others. \"Poi indri meiyodu\', which was composed for \'Swami Ayyappa\' and rendered by KJ Yesudas, passed into the annals of spiritual hits. Quite a few songs of his were signature numbers, including \'Maam poove siru mainave (\'Machana Patheengala\'), \'Delhikku rajannalum paati sollai thattathey (\'Paati Sollai Thattathey\') and \'Kaalai kaalai murattu kaalai (\'Manidhan\') among others. He also sang in a few films, with \'Endi Muthamma\' and \'Poonchittu kuruvigala pudhu mettu tharuveegala\' being the among most enduring.

Although he established himself as a music director, Chandrabose was also keen on an acting career, and at the time of his death, was acting in the TV serial, \'Mekala\'. \"He had a talent for acting, and was part of the Devi Nataka Company for many years,\" said music director Deva, who along with Chandrabose ran the Moses-Deva troupe in the early 1970s. The duo staged plays and light music programmes for nearly four years. \"He had a natural affinity for music and if he heard an instrument, by evening he would have learnt to play it,\" added Deva.

Chandrabose is survived by his two wives, two sons and a daughter. His last rites are scheduled for Friday.

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Facebook Competitor Diaspora Hit With Security Criticisms

Just because it\'s open-source doesn\'t mean that it\'s secure: That\'s the message a number of researchers and security mavens are touting about the recently released Diaspora social network. Even though the social site\'s source code was released in a pre-alpha stage earlier this week, that hasn\'t stopped various Internet commenters from weighing in on the alleged security holes peppering the service.

The Diaspora developers—four New York University students and a war chest of $200,000 in donations--have publicly acknowledged that the pre-alpha release of its Facebook competitor service still contains various security and feature issues that should be addressed in subsequent versions, like the service\'s planned Alpha stage that\'s scheduled for release in October.

That said, The Register\'s Dan Goodin calls Diaspora, \"littered with landmines,\" based on his interviews with other software enthusiasts and an ever-growing list of security issues being posted to Diaspora\'s Github launching page--\"a combination of Rails Security 101 errors and \'web application programming is hard.\',\" writes one commenter on Hacker News.

\"The bottom line is currently there is nothing that you cannot do to someone\'s Diaspora account, absolutely nothing,\" said Patrick McKenzie, a software company owner, in an interview with Goodin. McKenzie has been busy taking to the digital airwaves to warn users against jumping on to any version of Diaspora they find.

\"Don\'t use the #diaspora instances popping up. Don\'t host it publicly. Don\'t invite people to do either. It is screamingly unsafe,\" reads a message he posted to his Twitter account the day after Diaspora\'s pre-Alpha release.

Joining the anti-Diaspora chorus is a growing argument that said security vulnerabilities should be an expected part of an open-source package—the point being that, with all the code out in the open, aspiring security fixer-uppers can start hacking away and sealing up the flaws to the betterment of the community as a whole. If users enjoy the service, in theory, then they should be just as excited to participate in its development as Diaspora\'s actual developers.

But that\'s certainly not a view shared by all.

\"Security does not just happen for open source projects. The notion that it does is one of the more harmful myths in software security,\" writes Thomas Ptacek via a Hacker News comment. \"Open source makes a lot of software security problems easier … but slapping a GPL on your codebase and pushing it to Github does not make magical unicorns poop security findings into your mailbox.\"

Some users and commenters are rising to Diaspora\'s defense due to the fact that, yes, this is a pre-Alpha release that should come with an expectation that issues are going to exist. However, that still hasn\'t been enough to give Diaspora a free pass for some in the security world—mainly due to the sheer number of alleged security holes combined with the fact that Diaspora\'s primary marketing push is that it promises stronger privacy protections than its rival, Facebook.

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Audi launches petrol Q7 at Rs 59.29 lakh

NEW DELHI: German luxury carmaker Audi today said it has launched a petrol variant of its sports utility vehicle Q7 in India, priced at Rs 59.29 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

\"The Audi Q7 -- the high performance luxury SUV, has been one of the main contributors to our success in the Indian market... We are confident that it will further help us consolidate our leadership position in the luxury space,\" Head Michael Perschke said in a statement.

The deliveries of this new 3.0 litre variant of the SUV will start in January, 2011, the company said.

Audi India claimed that the new Q7 with 8-speed will reach a speed of 100 km per hour in just 6.9 seconds and can attain a top speed of 245 km per hour.

The company currently offers two diesel variants of Q7 with 4.2 litre and 3.0 litre engine options.

Besides, Audi India had said that it was considering to introduce the luxury sedan A7 and would initiate a market study for the same.

The company had said it would ramp up its output by 50 per cent at its Aurangabad facility to about 3,000 units next year. It currently assembles luxury sedans A4, A6 and sports utility vehicle Q5 in India and is expecting to produce about 2,000 units this year.

Audi India is expecting to sell about 2,700 units this year compared to 1,658 units in 2009.
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RIM: \'We don\'t need 200 fart apps\' Quality not toots and poots

RIM has announced that its BlackBerry App World now contains over 10,000 apps. That count may seem paltry compared with the Apple App Store\'s quarter million or the Android Market\'s estimated 70,000-plus. But that doesn\'t bother RIM, which claims that its goal is quality, not quantity.

\"We don\'t need 200 fart apps in App World,\" Recombu quotes RIM\'s platform product management VP Alan Panezic as saying at the company\'s BlackBerry Devcon earlier this week.

He did not say how many farts apps they do need.

\"We aren\'t focusing on, say, hitting the 50,000 app mark,\" said Panezic. \"For us, apps are all about adding real value to the end-user\'s life and creating revenue for developers.\"

This February, RIM gave their class of classy apps the somewhat nebulous name of \"super apps.\" Speaking with ME at the Mobile World Congress, RIM's director of developer relations Mike Kirkup said: \"We\'ve talked a little bit about it before, but this is really announcing a formal title for it.\" Kirkup defined super apps as a \"new class of apps that are rich, contextual and heavily integrated into the other apps on the device.\"

In other words, no digital flatulence for the cultured Canucks. \"Those are apps you\'ll use three or four times then never open again,\" Panezic said. \"You\'re not looking at ads, clicking on ads or buying premium upgrades, and the app isn\'t adding any value to your device.\"

Interestingly, pootlessness is a virture that Apple is now promoting as well. In its App Store Review Guidelines announced earlier this month, Cupertino declared: \"We have over 250,000 apps in the App Store. We don\'t need any more Fart apps.\"

The Android Market had better get with the program. Does the world really need Android offerings such as 101 Farts, Fart Sound Board, Blue Bunny Fart Sounds, Sneaky Fart, Big Fart Button, and their odoriferous ilk?

Apple has launched its iAD mobile-ad platform — reportedly to great success. RIM has relaxed its developer guidelines to allow in-app purchases, is beefing up it enterprise-level developer offerings, and has debuted its iPad competitor, the BlackBerry PlayBook. And now both companies have committed themselves to a fart-free future.

The Reg suggests Apple and RIM may be onto something with this move to maturity, and that Google CEO Eric Schmidt had better take heed.

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Samsung Launches New Dual SIM Phones

Samsung has announced the launch of three new Dual SIM phones in India. The new devices include the Samsung Star Duos GT-B7722, the Guru Dual 25 and Guru Dual 26.

Let\'s take a look at these devices in detail.

We start with the GT-B7722 Duos. This handset is touted to be the first 3G + 2G Dual-Standby touchscreen phone on the planet! This GSM + GSM handset features support for Active Sync, Microsoft Office files and even has a PDF reader - making it a decent entry level office phone. It also has a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with an LED flash. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB. It also has 250MB of internal memory. It is priced at Rs. 12,300.

Next, we have the Samsung Guru Dual 25 (GT- E1225) and Samsung Guru Dual 26 (GT -E 1252). These are entry level dual SIM phones designed to compete with the players in the low cost field dominated by the likes of Micromax, G\'Five and so on. The Dual 25 is the cheaper of the two and boasts of features like stereo FM, Torch, support for nine regional languages and a 1000 contacts phonebook. Only one SIM can be active at a time on the Guru Dual 25. It has a smallish 1.8-inch display and has an 800mAH battery. It also has a 3.5 mm jack for audio.

Its elder brother Guru Dual 26 comes with a larger 2-inch display and also has a larger battery - rated at 1000mAH.


•Samsung Guru Dual 25 - Rs. 2,020

•Samsung Guru Dual 26 - Rs. 2,240

•Samsung GT-B7722 Duos - Rs. 12,300

Samsung has also promised that it would introduce new dual SIM handsets in the country in the months to come. Samsung currently sells 10 dual SIM models in India.

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MF growth key to counter exit of foreign investors

NEW DELHI: The growth of the domestic mutual fund industry is important for the health of the Indian stock market, said , CMD of country's premier asset management company . With the rising , the role of domestic funds has become crucial as a stabilizing factor in the market , he added. "The stock prices are fairly valued at this level. Those who invest through systematic investment plans could make money in this market," he added.

According to fund managers , in the absence of strong domestic funds, the exit of FII investment, even by a small amount, could hit the market adversely. In the first nine months of 2010, FIIs have invested over $18 billion . So far, FIIs have invested around Rs 4 lakh crore in the equity market. In terms of market value, according to one estimate, this comes around Rs 10 lakh crore. As against this, the total market value of equity investments of domestic funds is around Rs 2 lakh crore.

The mutual fund industry has been facing tough times since September 2009 when Sebi prohibited fund managers from charging entry fees from investors. This means, if you invest Rs 100 in a scheme, you will be allotted units worth Rs 100. Earlier, fund managers could deduct a certain amount, which could go up to 2%, to meet their sales expenses. Since people are still not aware of the functioning of MFs and stock markets, they require proper information to invest in MF schemes, say fund managers.

As funds are not allowed to charge any entry fee, there is no incentive to push MF products. So far, the units were sold by agents who were paid from the commissions collected by funds as entry load. This has resulted in a fall in the number of folios or investors putting money into MF schemes since November 2009.

As the nominal growth (including inflation) of the economy is around 15%, the equity-oriented schemes over a longer period of five years and more give higher returns than the prevailing interest rates. In the last one year, the average return from investment in diversified MF schemes is 27%.

As the stock market is recovering after a steep fall due to the global financial crisis in 2008, return in the last three years is 6.73% because of high base effect. In the last five years, the investments in diversified funds have appreciated by around 18% on an average. This suggests that if one wants to participate in the India growth story, investing in equities via MFs could be a good move.

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Manufacturing index falls again, still in expansion

India\'s manufacturing sector continued to expand although at a considerably slower pace than in preceding months, predominantly weighed down by a fall in new orders and output.

The HSBC Markit Purchasing Managers\' Index, based on a survey of 500 companies, slid to 55.1 in September, which marks the lowest reading since November last year, from 57.2 in the August survey.

Though the key index for manufacturing in Asia\'s third largest economy has slipped, this was the 18th consecutive month it has remained above the 50 mark that divides growth from contraction.

\"The manufacturing sector shows signs of cooling after a red-hot pace earlier in the year,\" Frederic Neumann, co-head of Asian Economics Research at HSBC, said in a release.

\"Capacity constraints may be partly responsible for this, in addition to the fading fiscal stimulus.\"

While indexes for both new orders and output signalled a sustained expansion in new business and improvement in economic conditions, they were also amongst the biggest losers with each falling to below 60 for the first time since late last year.

But output was at a still robust 58.4, down from August\'s 62.3, and slightly slower than the long-run average for the series.

The general easing of figures from the elevated levels seen in the first half of this year underlines the minor slack in the industrial sector but isn\'t enough to allay fears of persistent price rises with both input and output indexes above the 50 mark.

The Reserve Bank of India projects headline inflation to ease to 6% by March, when the current financial year ends, from 8.5% in August, but noted in its September policy review that food prices continued to contribute to inflationary pressures.

The central bank last raised its repo rate, at which it lends to banks, on Sept. 16 by 25 basis points to 6%. Analysts expect another quarter-point rise by the year end.

\"Growth remains solid and the monetary authorities cannot afford to let down their guard just yet,\" Neumann said.

According to the PMI survey, input cost inflation accelerated to its strongest in four months as raw material prices rose, while output costs, though on an upward trend, remained tempered due to strong competition for new business.

Despite sustained sharp rises in both new orders and output, the employment index remained muted with the index reflecting a small contraction for the third successive month with many respondents indicating that staffing levels were mostly unchanged since August.

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Rupee surges to 5-month high as shares climb

MUMBAI: The Indian rallied to five-month highs on Friday, powered by hopes for sustained foreign portfolio investments and a wobbly overseas. At 11:08 a.m. (0538 GMT), the partially convertible rupee was at 44.71/72 per dollar after hitting 44.65, which was its strongest since May 4.

It gained 0.5 percent on the day, adding to a 3.4 percent rally in the September quarter when foreigners moved more than $11 billion into Indian stocks, chasing potentially better returns in the fast-expanding economy. \"The rupee has gained due to the positive court verdict yesterday as also due to the euro\'s rally. Dollar is broadly weaker,\" said Ashtosh Raina, head of forex trading at HDFC Bank.

An Indian court ruled on Thursday that the site of a demolished mosque would be split between Hindus and Muslims, dousing immediate fears of a violent backlash in one of the country\'s most religiously divisive cases. Dealers said they expect the rupee to trade in a range of 44.40-44.80 on Friday, with the next strong resistance seen at 44.50 and then at 44.40. Indian shares rose more than 1.3 percent, boosted by strong foreign fund inflows and firm Asian equities. Net equity inflows in 2010 now stand at a record $18.2 billion, above last year\'s $17.5 billion.

\"On the currency front, the USD is likely to remain under selling pressure in the near term as markets focus remains on the prospect of the Federal Reserve expanding its quantitative easing program,\" economists at HDFC Bank said in a note. \"However, global risk appetite is likely to be challenged by weakening global growth in the medium term. Hence, the USD is expected to stage a comeback via the \'safe-haven\' trade in the medium term,\" they wrote.

India\'s current account deficit widened in the June quarter from the previous three months due to higher merchandise trade gap and lower earnings through services, roughly in line with market expectations. \"The INR will likely continue to rally as risk appetite improves in the near term but the medium-term outlook is less favourable. The current account deficit will act as a natural resistance for sustained INR strength,\" HDFC economists said.

Dealers said the dollar\'s movements versus majors would be watched for direction. The index of the dollar against six majors was down 0.1 percent. Most Asian currencies were also stronger compared to the dollar.

The euro edged up towards a five-month high on the U.S. dollar and the Australian dollar gained after upbeat Chinese data encouraged a little risk-taking in the higher-yielding currency ahead of U.S. indicators. One-month offshore non-deliverable forward contracts were quoted at 44.88, weaker than the onshore spot rate.

In the currency futures market, the most traded near-month dollar-rupee contracts on the , MCX-SX and were at 44.92, 44.9225 and 44.92 respectively, with the total traded volume on the three exchanges at about $2.1 billion.
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Auto sales zoom in September

The numbers have started poring in and Maruti Suzuki, a major from the sector, has reported a jump in total sales from 83,306 units to 1,08,000 units including exports of 12,858 units versus 11,712 units on year-on-year (YoY) basis.

Two-wheeler major TVS Motor too reported a rise in its sales for the month. The company sold 1,85,000 vehicles as against 1,70,000 vehicles on month-on-month basis. This includes exports of 19,365 units versus 19,028 units (MoM).

Commenting on the numbers, president of marketing at TVS Motor HS Goindi, said the company expects monthly run-rate of two lakh units by the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2011.

As per the trend, wholesale dispatches were expected to remain strong ahead of the festive season. Also, with easing capacity constraints is leading to a reduction in supply constrains in auto companies.

This news has just come in and complete details will follow shortly. We can send you an email alert when the details come. Register for your alert here.

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Sensex extends rally on broadbased buying

At 11:47 hours IST - the benchmark Sensex maintained upmove and gained more than 200 points on relentless buying in technology, capital goods, metal, auto (barring Hero Honda), healthcare, power and select financial companies\' shares along with heavyweight Reliance Industries.

The Nifty has crossed another psychologically important level - 6100 on consistent inflow of funds from foreign institutional investors (FIIs). They were net buyers to the tune of more than Rs 27,500 crore since September 6, 2010, including Thursday\'s provisional data. On the flip side, HDFC Bank, Hero Honda, Bharti and Ambuja Cements were the only losers.

The upsurge in the Indian markets has created vigour among investors abroad. This, Naresh Kothari, Edelweiss Capital says continues. "The mood is quite upbeat on India and we feel the strong FII flows to India will continue. Most FIIs seem to be very bullish on India any which way, especially the long-only funds, those are the people who have been bringing in a lot of capital."

The 30-share BSE Sensex was trading at 20300, up 231.7 points and the 50-share NSE Nifty was at 6099, up 69 points. The Nifty October futures were trading at 28 points premium.

The broader indices were outperforming the benchmarks; the BSE Midcap and Smallcap indices went up 1.5% each. About 2286 shares advanced while 965 shares declined. Nearly 154 shares were unchanged.

SAIL was the top gainer on Nifty; rallied 6%. Among other metal companies\' shares, Jindal Steel, Tata Steel, Sterlite Industries, Hindalco and Sesa Goa were up 1-2.3%. In oil & gas space, Reliance Industries, Cairn and GAIL gained 1% each; BPCL was up 0.75%.

BHEL from capital goods segment rose 3.3%; L&T was up 1.24% and Siemens up 0.8%. Reliance Infrastructure, Tata Power, Suzlon Energy and Power Grid from power pack moved up 1.5-2.8%; NTPC went up 0.5%.

Auto companies\' shares were in focus ahead of sales numbers for the month of September. Tata Motors surged 3.5%; Bajaj Auto, M&M and Maruti gained 3% each while Hero Honda fell 1%. Maruti Suzuki, a major from the sector, has reported a jump in total sales from 83,306 units to 1,08,000 units including exports of 12,858 units versus 11,712 units on year-on-year (YoY) basis.

TVS Motor sold 1,85,000 vehicles as against 1,70,000 vehicles on month-on-month basis. This includes exports of 19,365 units versus 19,028 units (MoM). Commenting on the numbers, president of marketing at TVS Motor HS Goindi, said the company expects monthly run-rate of two lakh units by the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2011.

Ranbaxy Labs and Dr Reddy\'s Labs from healthcare space were up 2.4-2.8%; Sun Pharma and Cipla moved up 1-1.4%.

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Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) organized a field day on 'use of leaf colour chart for rationalizing the application of urea in paddy crop' in village Sadhu Chak near Gurdaspur. The scientists from Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and Farm Advisory Service Scheme (FASS) also took part in the programme. The Chief Guest, Dr Jagtar Singh Dhiman, Additional Director Communication, PAU in his remarks said that the contemporary agriculture has turned to be knowledge intensive. This, said he, demands a regular connection with farm literature and the relevant programmes aired on television and radio. He elaborated on the importance of creating home library of farm literature by farmers. The PAU has evolved several technologies such as IPM modules, tensiometer, leaf colour chart, integrated management of nutrients, said Dr Dhiman, adding that for promoting farm profitability and sustainability, farmers should develop liaison with experts.

Dr Yadvinder Singh, Head, Department of Soils, advised the farmers to discourage the practice of burning paddy as it leads to loss of nutrients, soil micro-organisms, besides creating conditions deleterious to lungs, skin and eyes through environmental pollution. He discussed that the use of LCC which has been recommended for paddy is now being standardized for wheat and maize also. The technology such as Happy Seeder can be gainfully used to sow wheat into paddy residue, said he, adding that the farmers should adopt this third generation technology in the interest of ecology and economics. He presented a memento to Dr Dhiman.

Dr B.D. Sharma apprised the farmers about the new recommendations of PAU and responded to queries of farmers that centred round false smut in rice, seed treatment in wheat, incidence of yellow rust in wheat, etc. He diagnosed the disease samples of different crops brought by farmers and provided remedial tips. Dr Somesh Chopra discussed strategies for weed management in paddy and the ensuing rabi crops. Dr Satwinderjit Kaur highlighted that application of fertilizers should be decided based on soil test reports and that LCC saves 20-25% nitrogen in paddy. Dr Amrik Singh, Deputy Project Director Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) said that to popularize the technology, 3500 LCCs were distributed among farmers at subsidized rates.

An exhibition of latest technologies and farm literature was organized on the occasion in which the farmers evinced keen interest. Earlier, the students of Gyan Anjan Public School, Gurdaspur sang the invocation shabad. Prabh Preet Singh enthralled the audience with his poetic rendition. The vote of thanks to the Chief Guest and all participants was proposed by Dr Varinderpal Singh who also managed the proceedings of the programme.
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CIPHET takes initiative to promote Hindi in city schools

Taking an initiative to promote Hindi among students, Central

Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology is collaborating

with different schools of the city for conduction of essay writing

competition on issues of current importance on the occasion of hindi


In this direction, BCM Arya Model School conducted essay writing

competition on themes of role of "media in deciding future of

students" and "Impact of climate change on health and prosperity".

Kanika Kamboj of class ninth, Anshika Vij and Geetakshi of class 10th

got first, second and third prizes respectively in the Hindi essay

writing competition. Total of 35 students from class IX and X

participated in the competition.

More such competitions would be organized in other schools of the city

to popularize use of hindi and generate proud among students for their

national language, said CIPHET Senior Scientist Dr Mirdula Devi,

adding that they hope that others school would also be conducting

competitions till October 20.

CIPHET Director Dr R.T Patil said that all the winners of the

competitions would be felicitated by the institute. He said that they

had written to around 15 schools for conducting such competitions and

hoped that they would be taking steps in this direction soon.
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1 Punjab R&V Sqn NCC, of college of Vety. science GADVASU- is going to organize a ten day annual training camp for the students of Vety College. Camp will be held during 01 Oct 2010 to 10 Oct 2010. Camp Commandant Maj MM Madhusudan informed that during the camp Fifty Nine students of first year BVsc & AH will be participating. During the camp, students will be trained for NCC activities, short range firing and equestrian activities.

Dr RS Sethi, Dy Camp Commandant, revealed that special guest lecture will be organized during the camp on the issues pertaining to general awareness, and current affairs. Dr SS Sodhi Camp Adjutant said that during the camp special emphasis will be given on the training to the cadets who are desirous to join Indian Army as officers, he further added that this camp is going to help the cadets in character building, developing moral values, and inculcate feeling of belongings and responsibility for the nation.

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The PAU Kisan Club meeting has been scheduled for October 7 in the Dr. Borlaug Wheat Auditorium on the PAU Campus. As per the information available from the Director of Extension Education, Dr. M.S.Gill, the PAU experts will provide know-how to the participating Club members about different subjects including the development and use of Happy Seeder technology, impact of monsoon behaviour on agriculture, cultivation of winter vegetable crops, etc. The farmers will be provided insight on the currently prevailing agrarian issues, said the Club President, Mr. Pavittar Pal Singh Pangli adding that experts will also discuss opportunities available to farmers within the country and abroad. The farmers can interact with the experts on these issues. The members can register themselves for this meeting at 9.30 a.m.
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A national seminar on \'Impact of Climate Change on Fruit Crops\' will be organized at Punjab Agricultural University from October 6-8 in the Wheat Auditorium. Giving details, Dr. P.S.Aulakh, Head, Department of Horticulture said that Dr. K.S.Khokhar, Vice-Chancellor, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar will be the Chief Guest in the inaugural session while Dr. K.L.Chadha, former Deputy Director General (Hort.) and National Professor, Dr. A.K.Singh, Deputy Director General (NRM) and Dr. L.S.Brar, former Director of Horticulture, Punjab will be the Guest of Honour. Dr. Aulakh elaborated that the their will be eight technical sessions during the three day proceedings of the seminar wherein the experts will discuss adaptation of varieties, modern nursery management techniques, practices for fruit quality enhancement, impact of fluctuating weather on fruit production, constraints of biotic and abiotic stresses, biotechnological interventions to overcome climatic impact, management of pest and diseases, post-harvest management of fruits under different situations, etc. He shared that more than 250 delegates comprising fruit growers, nurserymen, research workers, scientists and administrators will participate in the seminar. The seminar recommendations will be discussed in the plenary session scheduled for October 8 at 11.00 a.m., said he.
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Ms. Mehak is Hostel G.C.W. Fresher of 2010

Hostel welcome party was organized by the senior students to the First year student of the college. The College Principal Mrs. Gurminder Kaur was the Chief Guest. The College hostel Warden Mrs. Gurvinder Kaur welcomed the Chief Guest on this occasion. The College Principal while speaking on this occasion said that hostel life is very important .We learn co-operation and discipline during this period . The college is providing many facilities to the students. She also announced that in the end of year many prizes will be awarded to the hostel students like BEST ROOM award , MOST REGULAR STUDENT in the hostel etc. During this function many competition were held the following are the results of this function.

Ms. Fresher Mehak

First Runner up Prabjit Kaur

IInd Runnder up Mandeep Kaur

Miss Personality Sandeep Kaur

Miss Best Dressed Ramandeep Kaur

Crowing Glory Priyanka

Miss Beautiful Simile Kirandeep Kaur

On this occasion Mrs. Sharanjit Kaur , Dr.Anita Joshi, Dr. Ravinder Kaur , Prof. Kuldeep Singh, Dr. Harinder Kaur& Mrs. Rozy Sapra were also present. Dr. Mohinder Kaur Grewal Convenor of Hoster perposed the vote of thanks.
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धरती जैसा पहला ग्रह पाया गया

अंतरिक्ष वैज्ञानिकों का दावा है कि इस ग्रह को सौर मंडल से बाहर ऐसे इलाके में देखा गया है जिसमें जीवन की संभावनाएं पहले से ही जताई जा रही हैं. इसे \"गोल्डीलॉक्स जोन\" कहा जाता है. अमेरिकी संस्था नेशनल सांइस फांउडेशन की ताजा रिपोर्ट के अनुसार इस ग्रह की हमारे सौर मंडल से दूरी अन्य ग्रहों की अपेक्षा कम है. इसके अलावा इसकी अपने उपग्रहों से दूरी भी न बहुत ज्यादा और न बहुत कम है. साथ ही इसका तापमान भी संतुलित कहा जा सकता है और इसी आधार पर इसे पृथ्वी के समान होने का दावा किया गया है.

इससे जीवन वाले एकमात्र ग्रह पृथ्वी को साथी ग्रह मिलने की संभावना बलवती हुई है. इसकी तारों से दूरी 120 खरब मील आंकी गई है. यह दूरी तारों से अन्य ग्रहों की दूरी की तुलना में कम है. इस ग्रह की खोज का दावा करने वाले कैलीफोर्निया विश्वविद्यालय के वैज्ञानिकों का कहना है कि सौर मंडल से बाहर का यह पहला ग्रह होगा जिस पर जीवन की संभावनाएं तलाशी जा सकती हैं.

इस ग्रह का आकार पृथ्वी के समान ही है जबकि इसका वजन धरती से तीन गुना ज्यादा है. साथ ही वैज्ञानिकों ने इसकी सतह पर पानी मौजूद होने से भी इंकार नहीं किया है. शोध दल के प्रमुख प्रो. स्टीफन वोट ने कहा है कि इस ग्रह के बारे में जो जानकारियां मिली हैं उससे इस पर जीवन की संभावनाएं तलाशने का दावा भी पुख्ता होता है.

उनका कहना है कि इतने कम समय में और कम दूरी पर पृथ्वी जैसा ग्रह मिलना इस बात का संकेत है कि इस तरह के और भी ग्रह आकाशगंगा में हो सकते हैं. अगर दुनिया भर के अन्य अंतरिक्ष विज्ञानी इस खोज को अपनी मान्यता दे देते हैं तो फिर इसे पृथ्वी जैसे खोजे गए अन्य ग्रहों में सर्वाधिक समरूप कहा जा सकता है.

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सुन्नी वक्फ बोर्ड और हिंदु महासभा जाएंगे सुप्रीम कोर्ट

अयोध्या विवाद पर हाई कोर्ट के फैसले पर सुन्नी वक्फ बोर्ड ने कहा है कि वह इस मामले को खत्म नहीं कर रहे हैं और अदालत के फैसले के खिलाफ सुप्रीम कोर्ट का दरवाजा खटखटाएंगें. वक्फ बोर्ड के वकील जफरयाब जिलानी ने पत्रकारों को बताया कि विवादित जमीन को तीन हिस्सों में बांटे जाने के फैसले के खिलाफ अपील की जाएगी क्योंकि यह फार्मूला वक्फ बोर्ड को मंजूर नहीं है. मुस्लिम नेता असादुद्दीन उवैशी का कहना है कि उन्हें इस बात का अफसोस है कि अदालत ने ठोस सबूतों को भी नहीं माना है. अखिल भारतीय हिंदु महासभा ने भी सुप्रीम कोर्ट जाने का निर्णय लिया है. उसका कहना है कि रामजन्मभूमि को तीन हिस्सों में बांटे जाने के फैसले को उन्होंने चुनौती देने का फैसला लिया है
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Kareena Kapoor\'s hips don\'t lie

The onus of adding oomph to Golmaal 3 lies on Kareena Kapoor's slender shoulders. Her director Rohit Shetty wanted her to be sensuous and Bebo does exactly that with her sizzling moves a la Shakira for the title track of the film.

We do remember how she turned into a cat-woman (read Halle Berry) for the 'Meow' number or swayed to the tune of Tu Saala Kaam Se Gaya. Though the songs were hit, the audience didn't take home her remarkable dance performance. Nevertheless, Rohit knows how to make his film's song stand out and this time Kareena is a boho chic dancing to a racy hip-hop track, yet again, like an on-screen siren.

"My audience expects me to be sexy and sizzling at least in the naach-gaana routine. So I've gone ahead and done hip-shaking, that is a cross between Shakira's Waka-Waka and Hips Don\'t Lie," Bebo is quoted as saying.

However, it could have been more interesting to watch Bebo if she also revealed her belly button. After all, hasn't she done a Shakira!
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High Court starts delivering Ayodhya verdict

The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court has started reading out its verdict on a six-decade-old title suit regarding who owns a disputed holy site in Ayodhya. The judgment by the three-judge bench will be put up at the court\'s website -- and it will take legal experts some time before they understand it. The media has been given three seprate copies of the operative part of the judgment--those by each of the three judges, S U Khan, Sudhir Agarawal and D V Sharma.

In view of the verdict, the nation has been put on high alert. The Central government\'s Cabinet Committee on Security will meet at 5 pm in New Delhi to review the situation in the country after the court verdict.

The Bharatiya Janta Party will hold a meeting of its senior leaders in Delhi at 6 pm, but most political parties are expected to give their reactions after studying the court judgment.

Uttar Pradesh has turned into a fortress with thousands of paramilitary personnel patrolling the streets.

The intelligence network is on high alert throughout the state to monitor movement and activities of anti-social elements.

Aerial surveys of \"sensitive places\", including the Ram Janmbhoomi complex in Ayodhya has been done, police sources said.

All the security personnel deployed in Ayodhya and Faizabad have been equipped with tear gas shells and rubber bullets and the gazetted officers of various government departments have been asked to assist in policing. They have also been provided with rubber bullets and tear gas shells.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court paved the way for the Ayodhya verdict to be delivered by the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court.

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Nokia N8 shipments have started

Espoo, Finland -Nokia's latest entertainment smartphone, the highly anticipated Nokia N8 with Ovi services, has started shipping. Customers who have placed a pre-order for the Nokia N8 in Nokia Online Shops and Nokia retail stores will be the first to receive their Nokia N8. Market availability will vary by country and by operator, with broad availability in the coming weeks. 

"With the N8, and the new Symbian software, we are bringing a familiar, faster and more intuitive user experience to the world's most popular smartphone platform. The Nokia N8 has received the highest amount of consumer pre-orders in Nokia history and we are thrilled to start shipments of the N8, the first of Nokia's new Symbian smartphone range," says Jo Harlow, Senior Vice President, Smartphones, Nokia.

"To appeal to today's high-end buyers, smartphones have to be enjoyable, useful and beautiful. Ease of use, excellent multimedia performance and elegant design are all essential elements of the package," says John Delaney, Research Director, IDC.

The first of a series of smartphones based on the new Symbian, the Nokia N8 is fast and easy to use and supports true multitasking, allowing users to run multiple apps simultaneously and switch between them easily. Dubbed the world's best camera phone, the Nokia N8 lets you take the highest quality photos and shoot HD-quality videos in supreme clarity with the 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. You can edit photos and videos on-screen and choose from multiple ways to share them; transfer large files to an external hard-drive with USB-on-the-go, or upload photos to social networks like Facebook, Twitter or RenRen straight from the homescreen.  All this is delivered in a robust aluminum body in a range of vibrant colors with a real-glass 3.5" AMOLED display. 

The Nokia N8 has a black belt in entertainment. Its WebTV apps from channels like E! Entertainment, National Geographic and CNN and the intuitive music player inject an element of fun into idle moments.  Plug the device to the home entertainment center to watch HD-quality videos from the big screen with full Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound.  The latest version of Ovi Store, available first on the Nokia N8, gives easy access to more apps - from social networking services like Foursquare to games like Need for Speed Shift or productivity apps like Tesco in the UK.

Like other Nokia smartphones, the Nokia N8 comes with free Ovi Maps walk & drive navigation in more than 70 countries worldwide, with no hidden costs. The latest beta release of Ovi Maps is also available for download from Nokia Beta Labs for the Nokia N8. It features visibility to public transport in 85 cities around the world, as well as real-time traffic, safety camera alerts, visibility to parking and petrol stations, and speed limit warnings.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talks with ULFA should begin in next two months: Gogoi

Guwahati : Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Tuesday exuded confidence that talks with the insurgent United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) may begin within the next two months. The Chief Minister also said that efforts were on to bring the ULFA\'s self styled commander-in-chief Paresh Baruah to the negotiating table.

Emerging from a one-to-one meeting at the official residence of P.C. Haldar, the Centre\'s interlocutor for talks with the ULFA, here, Mr. Gogoi said that "the ongoing peace process [was] moving in the right direction" and he was hopeful of a peace dialogue with the ULFA.

Lauding the slew of steps initiated by Mr. Haldar in taking the peace process forward, Mr. Gogoi said that he was optimistic that the talks with the ULFA would be taken to its logical conclusion.

Mr. Haldar, who arrived here on Monday night, met ULFA chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa in the Guwahati Central Jail and discussed with him ways to carry forward the peace process. Sources said that Mr. Rajkhowa reiterated the outfit\'s position that the jailed leaders must be released to facilitate a meeting of the ULFA central committee to take a decision on holding dialogue with the Centre.

Mr. Haldar apprised the Chief Minister about the initiatives he had taken so far to prepare the ground for talks with the ULFA, and how to take the peace process forward.

Mr. Haldar\'s visit and meeting with the jailed ULFA leaders and Chief Minister came close on the heels of the desertion of the militant outfit\'s camps in Bangladesh by 20 cadres. Sources said that another group of cadres has deserted camps in Myanmar but details were still awaited.

Earlier on Monday, Mr. Baruah said that no ULFA leader or cadre, including himself, was opposed to an "honourable dialogue without giving up the outfit\'s ideology." While admitting that differences had cropped up among the rank and file of the outfit on the approach to the talks, he refuted media reports that the outfit has split.

Mr. Baruah also pushed the ball into Mr. Rajkhowa\'s court by saying that only timely steps by the latter can thwart the "conspiracy by enemies" to trigger a split in the ULFA.
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Stadia yet again out of bounds

New Delhi : For months, media representatives had warned the Organising Committee (OC) that the build-up to the Commonwealth Games should not be reduced to a 'secret\', let-us-keep-the-media-out exercise.

The warnings have apparently gone unheeded. On Sunday, accredited media representatives were denied entry into the Dhyan Chand National Stadium by security personnel when they tried to witness a practice match between the Indian men\'s team and England.

On Saturday, the security did not allow the scribes to enter the stadium to watch a practice session of the Indian women\'s team.

"The authentication has to be done by the OC. If someone is not being allowed, then he must not have been authorized to enter the stadium," said the Delhi Police spokesman.

An OC spokesman confirmed that startling news. "Yes we have issued instructions (not to allow the media), but we will review this on Monday."


On Saturday, journalists were made to run from one gate to the other by policemen on the argument that they were trying to enter through the wrong gate.

"Please dial 100, this is the number to help common citizens in distress," one of the policemen said. Obviously, etiquette is the last thing that has been taught to these policemen in their training, if there was one, while preparing them for the Games.

In other countries, during the Olympics, Asian Games or Commonwealth Games, or for that matter any international championship, security personnel go out of their way to help everyone.

The police had harassed the scribes no end during the World Cup hockey tournament in February-March last, and the 'test events\' in various disciplines after that.

The OC Chairman, Suresh Kalmadi, had promised better access control then. But the nightmare is back. And this looks to be just the beginning.

For a Games already hit by scams, roof leaks, bridge collapse, filthy 'Games Village\' and stinking toilets, issues such as the lack of a proper build-up, stadia being declared out of bounds for the media for months, and black-outs of teams\' activities and athletes\' entries makes matters much worse.

The 'best ever\'

Nowhere in the world do we have a situation like this, except for entry into the main stadium during opening ceremony rehearsals or during a security lock-down, normally 24 hours before opening.

But then the OC and the CGF have set the ground rules for these games claimed to become the 'best ever\', without the journalists knowing who has come, who is participating and who else could be coming.

On Sunday, officials at the Nehru Stadium also complained of harassment at the hands of security-men and said that for the first time in their experience, in an Olympics or at any major championship anywhere in the world, the policemen would be manning the 'field of play\' (FOP) also in these Games which would make it extremely complicated.

On Saturday night, a team from OC, despite having proper authorization, and cleared by the Ministry of Home Affairs, doing the job of erecting 'view-cutters\' around portions of the outer periphery of the National Stadium, was prevented from carrying out its job by the police.

The Police did admit that it knew of the OC team\'s job of installing view-cutters as a security measure, on the request of Delhi Police, but it would not allow the same since there was a 'lockdown\'.

A case of the right hand not knowing what the left was doing!

The National Stadium, by the way, will look almost similar to the Central Vista during the World Cup, all but out of view from the front, barring an opening to let VIP vehicles through. Holding the Games 'in camera\' would be an option worth considering!
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River-linking: Why play with nature, asks Jairam Ramesh

Bangalore : The Centre today virtually ruled out linking of national rivers given the ecological and human costs involved in the project.

Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh pointed to the amount of land to be involved and the people displaced if one were to link the Brahmaputra River with a peninsular one, for example.

"then, who knows, why play with nature?" he said in Bangalore.

"If we start linking rivers, how do we know how these rivers are going to behave? What about changing course of rivers? What about climate change that's going to happen? "

While noting that (small) rivers were being linked from time immemorial and even today on a small-scale, the "grandiose solutions" such as garland canal and linking of north-eastern rivers with peninsular ones did not find favour from him.

Mr. Ramesh quipped: "Engineers must be read, not necessarily implemented."

While linking of national rivers is a "very attractive concept", he said he has become more and more ambivalent about techno-fixations as he has grown older though he is a product of a technological institution and culture.

"There are limits to techno-interventions. We tend to underestimate the human and ecological costs", he said.

Mr. Ramesh also said Bangladesh, for example, is worried about river-linking contending that Ganga is an international river, adding, projecting linking of rivers as a "simplistic panacea" for dealing with drought is not correct.
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Qureshi indicates India changed mind on New York meeting

New York : Amid talk over why the Indo-Pak bilateral did not work out on sidelines on the UNGA, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi appeared to suggest that India had changed its mind on the meeting though he was willing to meet "anywhere, anytime".

"I have said that I was willing to meet them anywhere, anytime," he told journalists last evening before leaving for Washington, but did not explicitly blame New Delhi.

"I have told them that I am willing to come wherever they want me to come," he said, asking the questioning journalists to find out the reason.

Mr. Qureshi further said that he had even invited External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna to tea at the Roosevelt hotel where he was staying.

"If you have problems coming to Roosevelt, I will come to you," he said, noting that India had first expressed interest in talking to Pakistan.

"So why isn't this happening... it is for you (reporters) to find out... there was no lack of interest on our part," he said.

Bilateral meeting

A bilateral meeting between the two ministers was widely anticipated on the sidelines of the opening session of the General Assembly, which the two ministers have been attending since last week.

While no specific date had been confirmed, diplomats from both sides had indicated that such a meeting was being negotiated.

However, Mr. Krishna on Tuesday gave a clear indication that such talks would not be possible during this trip.

"Well it is not on the cards," he told the media, after delivering a speech at the Asia Society.

During the speech, Mr. Krishna blasted Mr. Qureshi for raising the issue of Kashmir at various public forums during the course of his stay, including the annual debate at the General Assembly.

He also suggested that by raising the pitch on Kashmir, Pakistan was trying to deflect attention away from the problems in its own backyard, and said the remarks were "unsolicited and untenable".

"It is with a sense of genuine disappointment that I react to the unacceptable references to the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir made by Foreign Minister Qureshi in his address at the UN," Mr. Krishna said.

Speaking at the UN, Mr. Qureshi had raised the issue of the "right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people" and a "plebiscite under the UN auspices".

Mr. Qureshi responded to Mr. Krishna's remarks by insisting that both nations had their set of problems but this did not preclude Islamabad from voicing their concerns about Kashmir, which was recognised as an international dispute.

"Pakistan has its own problems; India has its own problems... I have not brought the Kashmir issue into limelight -- the people of Kashmir have," he said.

Despite talks in New York not working out, both ministers have expressed optimism about Mr. Qureshi's visit to New Delhi, which will pick up the threads from Krishna's last visit to Islamabad.

"I have said in my speech that I have invited Foreign Minister Qureshi to come to India and he has very graciously accepted my invitation," Mr. Krishna said.

"I am looking forward to his visit to India so that we can take up from where he left in Islamabad".

However, Mr. Qureshi noted that Pakistan wanted all issues to be discussed during talks, which he said differed from India's approach of "graduated" talks that would focus on Mumbai attacks and terrorism and then explore other issues like Kashmir.

The Indian side has spoken in favour of a graduated approach but at the same time indicated that "all outstanding issues" including Kashmir will be discussed during talks.

"We thought that a step by step approach, a graduated approach was the one which would take us all to agreement on the core issues but unfortunately that has not happened," Mr. Krishna said.

Both ministers have hailed their previous talks in Islamabad as productive.

Mr. Krishna, however, noted that after the Islamabad talks India wanted to go public with some of the humanitarian issues on which some progress had been made but Islamabad was not ready.

"But Mr. Qureshi felt that some of the core issues will have to be discussed and then resolved... as you know these core issues cannot be discussed in five hours," the minister said, noting that India's suggestion made with the best of intention and not to score points over Pakistan was eventually shelved leaving most people to think that the talks had failed.
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Sensex erases early gains

Mumabi : Erasing early gains, the Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark Sensex fell over 66 points in early trade today on profit booking ahead of the expiry of derivatives contracts for the September month.

The Sensex, which had gained over 129 points in the opening trade, declined by 66.03 points to 20,038.63 at 1015 hours following a fall in metal and refinery stocks.

Similarly, the wide—based National Stock Exchange index Nifty turned negative and shed 11.80 points at 6,017.80 after gaining 42 points in the opening trade.

Traders said profit—booking emerged before this month's contracts in the derivatives segment expired tomorrow.
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Design Weekend’10

Opening this year's festive season is a sought after luxury and lifestyle fashion event whose name holds itself as a the pinnacle of style and fashion.

Design Weekend'10 - a platform created in the architectural grandeur of Ranjit's SVAASA Heritage Boutique Spa Haveli with the creative works of fashion icons of India. Walk through the haveli's adventurous tour and at every nook and corner saviour your eyes and treat your interests in the ambience of heritage fused with the fashion and luxury collections of 2010.

Organised by Rivarchand Entertainment, a trademark event in a 250 year old restored and stylised spa haveli, it brings within its beauty, the artistic creations of designers under one roof. Conceptualised to showcase clothes, accessories, jewellery, home decor, art and artefacts; it is an amalgamation of architectural grandeur and creative upheaval with the haveli dressing itself as a luxurious boutique for the two days.

One of its kind, a select invitation-only affair which has grown since its birth last year, the first Design Weekend saw its unveiling at Ranjit's SVAASÁ, Heritage Boutique Spa Haveli post a happy morning drizzle on the weekend of the 14th & 15th of November with a footfall of over 400 fashion enthusiasts. Sparked with the idea of bringing in a lifestyle, collections of eleven designers were beautifully nestled across various nooks and corners of the haveli adding to the culture of lifestyle and heritage.

Labels and designers in the likes of Kavita Bhartia, Siddhartha Tytler, Gaurav & Ritika, Neeta Bhargava, Rashi Kapoor, Dev 'r' Nil among more opened the first Design Weekend'09.

This year, Design Weekend'10 being held on the 09th and 10th of October, will witness even more celebrated designers across Lakme and Wills Lifestyle Fashion weeks.

For Clothes

Nikasha Tawadey (celebrated Mumbai based fashion week designer)

Harangad Singh ( established Delhi based fashion week designer)

Gaurav & Ritika (celebrated Delhi based fashion week designer)

Jatin Varma (celebrated Delhi based fashion week designer)

Arjun (celebrated Delhi based fashion and product designer)

Harpreet Narula (Bridal Couturier)

Rashi Kapoor (ex-assistant to Manish Malhotra; launched her label in 2009)

Zero Degree Celsius By Manoj & Anupama (pret designer duo label launched in 2009)

Hemant and Nandita (celebrated Delhi based fashion designer)

For Accessories (Shoes, Bags etc)

Stoffa Shoes (Mumbai)

Rachel Bags (Delhi)

Luxury & Lifestyle



For Jewellery

Prasadam Jewels (Jaipur)

A plethora of creativity with collections spanning across prêt, couture, bridal, indian ethnic, western occasion wear, women's accessories, designer
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Bigg Boss 4 tentative list out

Mumbai : According to several insiders, a widely touted line-up of celebrities

that might be the contenders on popular reality show Bigg Boss 4 has emerged.

It includes Shiney Ahuja, Bhagyashree (Salman\'s co-star in his first hit Maine Pyar Kiya), Sneha Ullal (Sallu\'s co-star in Lucky), Shweta Tiwary (her ex-husband Raja Chowdhary was in Bigg Boss last season), Chunky Pandey, Bhojpuri star Manoj Tiwari (after Ravi Kissen, it had to be his Bhojpuri colleague), TV actress Sara Khan, \'Ballika Vadhu\' Avika Gor, singer Shaan, bar dancer Tarannum, Devender Singh (alias Bunty, the alleged conman from Delhi who duped thousands) and Simone Singh.

Several former Bigg Boss contestants Rakhi Sawant

Ravi Kissen, Monica Bedi, Sambhavana Seth, Kashmera Shah, Payal Rohatgi, Bhaktyaar and Tanaz Irani will come together to welcome the new inmates of the show.

They will not only provide tips about the house but also perform in the opening episode this Sunday. Rakhi, a huge fan of host Salman Khan can\'t stop raving about him.
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Ayodhya verdict on Sept. 30 as Supreme Court clears way

New Delhi : Paving the way for the Allahabad High Court to deliver its judgement in the 60-year-old Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit, the Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed the plea for deferment of the verdict.

With the Supreme Court clearing the way, the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court will pronounce the verdict on Thursday. The announcement came shortly after the Supreme Court rejected a special leave petition moved by Ramesh Chandra Tripathi, a former bureaucrat, seeking deferment of verdict.

The Officer on Special Duty in the High Court, Hari Shankar Dubey said that the three-judge special bench comprising Justice S.U. Khan, Sudhir Agarwal and D.V. Sharma would pronounce the verdict on September 30 at 3.30 pm.

Hours earlier the Supreme Court's three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice S.H. Kapadia in a brief order said: "Having considered in detail the arguments of the parties, we are of the view that the SLP has to be dismissed. Accordingly, the SLP stands dismissed."

Mr. Tripathi had made the plea that another chance should be given for reaching a settlement on the issue through reconciliation and had also sought the postponement apprehending law and order problem.

Mr. Tripathi had approached the Supreme Court after the special bench in the High Court had rejected his similar plea on September 17 by two-one majority and imposed a cost of Rs. 50,000 on him.

The Supreme Court order came after two hours of arguments on a plea by Mr. Tripathi seeking time for working out an out-of-court settlement.

Earlier, Attorney General G.E. Vahanvati said that uncertainty should not be allowed to continue.

Appearing before the bench that included Justices Aftab Alam and K.S. Radhakrishnan, he said the most preferred solution to the problem would be settlement but it has not taken place and the uncertainty which is prevailing should not be allowed to continue.

The three-judge bench headed by the Chief Justice gave an unanimous order.

During the arguments, the Attorney General said "Settlement, if any possible, we welcome it but we do not want any uncertainty."

Since 1999, the stand of the Union Government has been for settlement which has not taken place, he said.

"We would like a resolution of the matter in one way or the other. We cannot keep the law and order machinery in sustained animation," Mr. Vahanvati said.

The AG said, "My position is very clear. I am of the view for implementation of the decision of the suit. This is what we have to do as per the mandate of 1994".

Mr. Vahanvati also referred to the verdict of the Constitutional bench on the land acquisition at the disputed site in Ayodhya.

He refuted the allegations of senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi, who was appearing for Mr. Tripathi, that the Centre sat meekly and only stood as a receiver of the disputed land.

Mr. Vahanvati said the Government was committed to maintain the rule of law and was under obligation of the undertaking given by it to the Supreme Court on September 14, 1994 that it will make attempts to resolve the issue through continuous negotiations.

The Attorney General also countered the allegations of Mr. Rohatgi that it was not "pro-active" in attempting to resolve the dispute through settlement and process of negotiation.

He said government believed in respecting the rule of law. He also countered the argument that the tenure of one of the retiring judges could be extended as the Centre has no power in this regard, which is vested with the Chief Justice of the High Court and only to a certain extent recommendations can be made by the Supreme Court collegium.

The Supreme Court questioned the plea for deferment of the Ayodhya title suits verdict, saying the lawyers appearing in the case were in favour of the Allahabad High Court judgement being pronounced.

"You are running against time because you woke up late. That is after 50 years," the Chief Justice said.

"The question is why you were quiet for all these days. You had to strike chord when the matter was in the High Court," Justice Alam said.

The observations came when Mr. Rohatgi was buttressing the argument that the settlement could be arrived through negotiations.

During the proceedings, Mr. Rohatgi said mediation was not the part of the statute.

Justice Alam said that the lawyers of all the contesting parties are at least in agreement on the issue of delivery of judgement by the Allahabad High Court.

Home Minister takes stock of security

Home Minister P. Chidambaram took stock of the security situation in the country and directed all concerned to ensure peace after the Supreme Court dismissed the plea for deferment of verdict on Ayodhya case.

Chidambaram reviewed the security measures in the wake of the apex court paving the way for the Allahabad High Court to deliver its judgement in the 60-year-old Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit.

The Home Minister also visited his Ministry's Control Room and Integrated Operations Centre and reviewed its functioning.

The meeting was attended by top Home Ministry officials and chief of Intelligence agencies.

The Home Ministry has identified 32 sensitive locations across the country -- four of them in Uttar Pradesh -- where there is a potential to "evoke sharp reactions" following the verdict and asked states to be fully alert.

The Centre is keeping ready paramilitary forces at some strategic locations, closer to airports, for immediate deployment in the places of trouble anywhere in the country.

The Home Ministry has already prepared a contingency plan to deal with any situation arising out of the Allahabad High Court judgement.

At a separate meeting to review the Commonwealth Games security, which was also attended by Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar besides others, Chidambaram took stock of the steps being taken to ensure foolproof measures in the Games venues, the Games village as well as the national capital.
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Salman convinces Akki to cast Sonakshi in ‘Joker’?

Mumabi : Newbie Sonakshi Sinha must be feeling really lucky to have a mentor like Salman Khan.

This godfather like actor is trying to help this budding actress in her career. Recently, this hot Jodi was penciled in for Sajid Nadiadwala\'s 'Kick'.

If rumors are to be believed, then Salman has recommended Akshay Kumar to cast Sonakshi Sinha in Shirish Kunder's next direction 'Joker'.

Co-producer of the film, Akshay Kumar was keen to rope in Deepika Padukone for this project. When asked Deepika, surprisingly, the actress said that she was never approached for this role.

Salman-Sonakshi's Jodi became famous after their latest release 'Dabangg'. The film has cashed in 116 crore in just two weeks.
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Hillary raises nuclear liability issues with Krishna

New York : The U.S. on Tuesday raised with India the issue of the Nuclear Liability law, which is troubling several American industrialists since it makes suppliers of equipment also liable in the event of a nuclear accident.

The liability legislation, which was recently passed by Indian Parliament, was a critical step to clear the way for the full implementation of the historic Indo-U.S. civil nuclear deal.

The issue was raised by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her talks with External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna here, which were meant to lay the groundwork for President Barack Obama's visit to New Delhi in November.

"The issue was raised with Minister Krishna today and he explained about the processes that the bill had gone through," Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao told journalists after a bilateral meeting in which she accompanied External Affairs Minister.

"And the fact that we were ready to engage with the U.S. companies on the questions that they had raised to be able to clear their doubts and clarify the issues they wanted to discuss with us," she added.

Ms. Clinton and Mr. Krishna met for a 30 minute bilateral at the Waldorf Astoria held on the sidelines of the opening session of the General Assembly, which kicked off last week.

Ms. Rao had also discussed the nuclear liability issue with Ms. Clinton last week in Washington.

"The U.S. administration understands the process," Ms. Rao said.

"Secretary Clinton spoke of their own processes within the country and their often contentious nature of democracy which is a fact that we all appreciate," she said.

Meanwhile, Assistant Secretary Robert Blake underlined that the liability issues is an "important priority" for the United States.

"We've taken note of some of the concerns that industry representatives have raised about some of the provisions of the liability bill and that the bill may possibly be inconsistent with international standards," Mr. Blake told journalists after the meeting.

"We look forward to working with the Indian government to work our way through this and arrive at a solution where American industry can contribute to India's ambitious civil nuclear energy needs," he told reporters.

Mr. Blake described differences between the two countries over nuclear liability issues and visa issues as "irritants" in a more complicated relation, and noted that India and the U.S. had the "goodwill" to resolve outstanding issues.
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Dhoni: Ashwin is a smart bowler

Johannesburg : Indian cricketers are no longer wary of South African pitches after the Champions League Twenty20 tournament hosted here, captain MS Dhoni told an Afrikaans daily.

Dhoni, who spoke to the newspaper after beating local team Warriors in the final, said that pitches in South Africa are no longer alien in nature for the senior India players.

"Most of our players played here during the second edition of IPL and now also in the Champions League Twenty20.

"The experience of playing on these pitches has been invaluable," Dhoni said. The Indians will be touring South Africa during the end of this year.

The Indian players in the CSK ranks such as top-order batsmen Murali Vijay and Suresh Raina showed their mettle in the league games, as did spinner R Ashwin, who emerged as the highest wicket-taker in the tournament with 13 wickets.

Dhoni described Ashwin as an "aggressive character" who is up for any challenge.

"He is a very smart bowler who does not need much guidance and knows what is expected of him," Dhoni said, adding that he believed Ashwin would be a key player in the South African tour.

Despite winning the biggest prize in world cricket of 17 million rands, Dhoni said the victory on Sunday was tinged with sadness because some of the players would play for different teams during the next edition of IPL — courtesy fresh auctions.

"After being together for three years, the core won't remain the same as few of the players will play for different teams. That's why we badly wanted to win this tournament.

That's our way of saying 'thank you' having enjoyed playing together for the past three years," Dhoni told the newspaper not forgetting to mention that Wanderers was very special for him as he led India to victory in the inaugural World T20 in 2007.
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Wishing Lata Mangeshkar A Happy Birthday!

Mumabi : One of the most talented and respected singers in the Indian industry, Lata Mangeshkar celebrates her 81st birthday today (28th September). The Guinness Record holding singer began her career when she was 13 years old, in 1942. Lata was no stranger to music; her father, Pandit Deenanath Mangeshkar, was a classical singer and theatre actor. Later, her sisters, Asha Bhosle and Usha Mangeshkar followed her footsteps into playback singing.

Wishing Lata Mangeshkar A Happy Birthday!

Lata Mangeshkar began her career with the song 'Naachu Yaa Gade' in the Marathi movie Kiti Hasaal in 1942. The Bharat Ratna winner last lent her voice to a song from the film Jail in 2009. Madhur Bhandarkar, the director of 'Jail' wished her on Twitter, "Wishing you Lata Didi many happy returns of the day….May god bless you with good health, love and peace..Love MB"

Lata's sister, Asha Bhosle regretted not being able to celebrate her sister's birthday, "My favourite Female Singer & also my Elder Sister Latadidi celebrates her birthday today…Will miss out her birthday celebrations in person as I am in Hong Kong, but my well wishes are always with Latadidi."

With the birthday wishes pouring in, Lata Mangeshkar couldn't help but thank everyone for their greetings, "I am deeply touched and overwhelmed with your love and kind wishes on my birthday…it is only because of your constant support and love that I feel the need to keep going on…I thank you all from my heart…The child in me is still very alive…never ever let the child in you die."

Wishing the unparalleled singer a very happy birthday and may the music never stop!
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Pamela Anderson to sizzle in Bigg Boss 4

Mumbai: Pamela Anderson to sizzle in Bigg Boss 4: Buzz is in the air that Hollywood bombshell Pamela Anderson is most likely to enter as a participant in Bigg Boss 4 which is scheduled to be aired on Colors TV on October.

Bigg Boss 4 will be hosted by Salman Khan. Pamela Anderson will soon be seen following the footsteps of Dimpy Ganguly and Manoj Tiwari.

But sources state that Pamela has demanded a whopping amount to remain isolated from the entire world for almost 80 days.

The entry of renowned Hollywood figures in Indian reality shows have indeed become a common factor.

Bigg Boss 2 had Jade Goody as one of the international participants. Bigg Boss 3 had a German model Claudia Ciesla. The entry of Pamela in Bigg Boss 4 will automatically result in higher TRPs for the show.

Whether she will be a part of the show has not yet been finalized.
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Awaiting positive response from India: Qureshi

United Nations : In the midst of speculation about an Indo-Pak bilateral meeting in New York this week, Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that any talks between the two countries needs to be "meaningful."

At this stage, Mr. Quershi noted that a bilateral was still worked out, and Islamabad had sent "some suggestions" through diplomatic channels to New Delhi about these talks.

Without going to specific details about these "suggestions," Mr. Qureshi told reporters on Monday, that he was now awaiting a response from the Indian side.

"The talks can take place immediately if a positive response is received," the Minister said, noting that any meeting should produce results.

Pointing to wide-ranging issues between the countries including Kashmir, Siachen and water, Mr. Qureshi said, "How can Pakistan talk to India without these subjects being on the table."

Mr. Qureshi also refuted claims that Pakistan was putting conditions on India before holding talks. "The suggestions that we have made are aimed at making the talks meaningful," he said, underlining the need for "result-oriented, meaningful and substantive for the sake peace and stability."

The Minister also noted that despite External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna's last visit to Islamabad being dubbed as a failure, the talks had been constructive and meaningful.

Meanwhile, Mr. Qureshi ran into Mr. Krishna at a meeting for Commonwealth ministers, organised on the sidelines of the General Assembly at the United Nations. They had another "chance encounter," last week, in the U.N. building.

Mr. Krishna told the Indian media that the two had indeed greeted each other.

Last week, Mr. Qureshi raised the issue of Kashmir several times in speeches he gave at public forums in New York. Both the Ministers, however, have spoken strongly in favour of talks as the only way forward.

"India wants to keep Pakistan engaged in talks because we do not see any other alternatives. Talks are the only way to take this forward," Mr. Krishna said on Friday.
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SRK back in Yash’s Raaj

Given their recent records, Yash Raj Films (YRF) is now trying to salvage its reputation of being one of the most successful and prestigious production houses in Bollywood. A lot of their recent projects bombed at the box office but they haven't let that dampen their spirits.

After offering Dhoom 3 to Aamir Khan (he will start reading the script around October 15), YRF has now got another box-office winner, Shah Rukh Khan to work on one of its forthcoming films.

The last YRF film with King Khan, which Yash Chopra directed himself, was Veer Zaara (2004), a box office success. The production house is counting a lot on the success of its forthcoming project with the actor. This film will either be directed by YRF head honcho Yash Chopra or his son Aditya.

A source says, "YRF is yet to decide who will direct the Shah Rukh starrer. SRK has very good relations with both, Yashji and Aditya. He has equal faith in both of them. They are like family to him."

And interestingly, it may seem as though SRK has proved lucky for the production house, as most of the films the actor has done with them have been successful at the box office, with the exception of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008).

While the lead actor has been finalised, the position of the heroine opposite Shah Rukh still remains open.

Apparently, the SRK starrer for YRF will go on floors in 2011. So, next year, Shah Rukh, who will start shooting for Farhan Akhtar's Don 2, will thus be shooting for at least two films. This will obviously be quite a change from his usual habit of shooting for only one film a year.

When contacted, the YRF spokesperson said, "We are still working on our slate for the coming year and will make our announcements at the appropriate time on the finalisation of our projects."
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Birthday wishes for Ranbir Kapoor!

He is the blue blooded hunk, hailing from the legendary family of Kapoor\'s. Ranbir Kapoor has the proper looks, the style, the attitude and the performance skills that makes him a complete star material. His strike record at the box can surely vouch for that right from Bachna Ae Haseeno, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani to Raajneeti. This Kapoor is climbing high.

Buzz up!Moving from strength to strength this birthday will only bring a lot more prosperity and success to him, leading him to the path of stardom. With his next release Anjaana Anjaani alongside Priyanka Chopra lined up, we wish this lad oodles of happiness on his birthday. May he do great work and keep the Kapoor flag flying high.

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Happy Birthday, Lata Mangeshkar

Singer Lata Mangeshkar [ Images ], who mesmerised millions with her golden voice in a career spanning seven decades, turned 81 on Tuesday, spending a quiet day with the family even as fans, including famous names, wished her a happy birthday.

The Bharat Ratna winning singer who has lent her voice to generations of Bollywood actresses from Madhubala [ Images ] to Kajol [ Images ], is celebrating her birthday in her ancestral home in Kolhapur, said sources close to her.

\"I don\'t celebrate my birthday. I performed the Puja and 28th September is just like any other day for me,\" Lata told PTI. The evergreen singer held the Guinness World Records for having recorded the most songs in the world from 1974 to 1991 and continues to be the favourite singer of top filmmakers like Yash Chopra [ Images ] and Sanjay Leela Bhansali [ Images ].

Meanwhile younger sister and fellow singing legend, Asha Bhonsle, led a host of A-listers who wished the singer on Twitter. \"My favourite Female Singer and also my Elder Sister Latadidi celebrates her Birthday today. Too bad I\'m in Hong Kong & can\'t attend her birthday. Will miss her as I am in Hong Kong, but my well wishes are always with Lata didi (sic),\" wrote Bhonsle who also posted a old picture of them together.

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar [ Images ], who has collaborated with the singer in films like Jail and Page 3, was among the first to wish the acclaimed singer. \"Wishing u Lata Didi many happy returns of the day....May god bless u with good,nd peace (sic),\" Bhandarkar tweeted.

Lata too is an active member of the micro blogging site and had posted a message on Monday thanking all her fans. \"I feel fortunate that my birthday falls close to two of my favourite people- freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and filmmaker Yash Chopra. I send my best wishes to Yash ji and pray that he lives for another hundred years,\" Lata had tweeted.

Starting her career in 1942 with songs in Marathi, Lata\'s first Hindi song was Paa lagoon kar jori for Vasant Joglekar\'s movie Aap Ki Seva Mein in 1946. Two years later, composer Ghulam Haider gave Lata her first major break with the song Dil mera toda in Majboor and rest has been history. Lata went on to record songs for over 1,000 Bollywood movies and has sung in more than 36 regional Indian languages.

The singer has lent her voice to some of the most popular and evergreen songs in film history including Pyar kiya to darna kya from Mughal-e-Azam, Aaja re pardesi from Madhumati and Bahon mein chale aao from Anamika among hundred others.

Lata continues to lend her voice to select projects and is excited about her soon to be released duet with Shehanshah-e-Ghazal Mehdi Hassan. \"Mehdi Saab always wanted to sing with me. In fact he sent me 2-3 recorded songs years back but he had to quit singing due to his prolonged illness. \"Tera milna is one of them. I recorded my version here in Mumbai [ Images ] and Mehdi Saab\'s version was recorded in Pakistan a year back. We have made a duet compiling the two versions,\" said Lata.

Meanwhile, the melody queen has also defended A R Rahman [ Images ] over the Commonwealth Games [ Images ] theme song fiasco.

She said that people should not expect every song of this genius composer to be a rocking hit. \"I have not heard the song. What I am hearing is continuous criticism, which I don\'t like at all. Rahman is an extremely dedicated composer and people are getting too harsh because of just one failure,\" Lata Mangeshkar told PTI .

\"It\'s just like people should not expect century from Sachin (Tendulkar) in every match. It happens in music also. Even the veterans do mistakes sometimes. I cannot say that every song of mine is perfect. Many a times I am not satisfied with what I have sung,\" said the Bharat Ratna awardee.

The CWG theme song \"Oh Yaaro, Ye India [ Images ] bula liya\" has got a lukewarm response. People have been saying that it lacks lustre and was either a result of a hurried job or the composer\'s powers were no longer as potent as before.

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Rupee stays weak as dollar gains overseas

MUMBAI: The Indian rupee remained weak in afternoon trades on Tuesday, retreating from the previous session\'s four-and-half-month high as the stock market edged down and dollar gained against majors.

* At 1:50 p.m., the partially convertible rupee was at 45.20/21 per dollar, weaker than 45.01/02 at close on Monday, when it had touched 44.99, its highest level since May 13. The rupee moved in 45.0150-45.2850 band so far, and is expected to move in the 45.15-45.25 band in the rest of the trade.

* \"There is some short-covering (of dollars) happening due to the euro sell-off and profit-taking in stocks,\" said a dealer at a foreign bank.

* The struggling dollar got a reprieve on Tuesday, helped by a report that the Federal Reserve was weighing a more open-ended, smaller-scale bond buying programme compared with 2009.

* The index of the dollar against six majors was up 0.4 percent and would be watched.

* Indian shares inched lower in flip-flop trading on Tuesday, as profit sales kicked in following robust foreign fund inflows-led rally, which helped the benchmark index log 11.9 percent gains so far this month.

* Foreigners have moved $4.8 billion into local shares this month, taking net investment so far in 2010 to $17.7 billion. The inflows had lifted the rupee 1.3 percent last week, its best weekly rally in three months.

* One-month offshore non-deliverable forward contracts were quoted at 45.36, weaker than the onshore spot rate.

* In the currency futures market, the most traded near-month dollar-rupee contracts on the National Stock Exchange, MCX-SX and United Stock Exchange were all at 45.4450, with the total traded volume on the three exchanges at $1.7 billion.
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Nifty takes support at 6000; FMCG, IT down

MUMBAI: Equities broke down from narrow range and slipped lower following weakness in European markets. Profit booking intensified in FMCG, realty and IT space while power and capital goods sectors resisted the decline.

At 1:15 pm, National Stock Exchange's Nifty was at 6000.50, down 35.15 points or 0.58 per cent. The broader index touched a high of 6049.80 and low of 5993.35 in trade so far.

Bombay Stock Exchange's Sensex was at 19998.60, down 118.78 points or 0.59 per cent. The 30-share index hit intraday high of 20157.51 and low of 19983.88.

BSE Midcap Index was down 0.21 per cent and BSE Smallcap Index moved 0.11 per cent lower.

Amongst the sectoral indices, BSE FMCG Index slipped 0.89 per cent, BSE Realty Index moved 0.80 per cent lower and BSE IT Index declined 0.74 per cent. BSE Power Index gained 0.43 per cent and BSE Capital Goods Index advanced 0.35 per cent.

Siemens (3.30%), NTPC (1.68%), ABB (1.65%), M&M (1.37%) and Reliance Power (1.06%) were amongst the top Nifty gainers.

Losers pack included IDFC (-2.72%), HDFC (-2.26%), Hindalco (-1.83%), Idea (-1.50%) and Tata Motors (-1.21%).

Market breadth turned negative on the NSE with 1448 gainers against 1787 losers.

European markets slipped in the red ahead of US economic data. FTSE 100 was down 1.01 per cent, CAC 40 slipped 1.28 per cent and DAX moved 1 per cent lower.
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China, Japan say up to the other to fix ties

BEIJING — China and Japan toned down the rhetoric Tuesday, but both said it was up to the other to take steps to repair relations damaged by the detention of a fishing captain and a verbal fight over disputed islands.

China\'s Foreign Ministry said Tokyo had to make the first move to put diplomatic ties back on track after nearly three weeks of bitterness since Japan detained the fishing captain after his boat and two Japanese patrol boats collided near islands in the East China Sea.

\"If Japan values its relationship with China, it should take concrete action to repair ties,\" spokeswoman Jiang Yu told a regular news conference. When asked what specific actions Japan had to take, Jiang would not say.

Tokyo said Prime Minister Naoto Kan had no plans to meet with his Chinese counterpart at an Asian-European summit in Brussels on Oct. 4-5.

Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara said Tokyo is \"not taking any action\" to arrange talks for the two leaders. \"My impression is that it would be difficult for such talks to be arranged,\" he said.

Maehara welcomed Kan\'s decision to attend the meeting, reversing an earlier plan to miss it, because it is important for Japan to give the rest of the world a fairer picture of the development since the collision.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku also told reporters Tuesday that conditions had not been met for a meeting with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, reiterating it was up to China to repair relations.

\"As I said yesterday, the ball is already in China\'s court,\" Sengoku said.

Wen and Kan did not meet in New York last week when both attended a U.N. gathering.

Kan\'s government has come under fire at home for its decision Friday to release the fishing boat captain amid intense Chinese pressure.

But his release failed to ease tensions after China demanded an apology for his detention and compensation over the weekend. Tokyo countered by demanding that Beijing pay for damage to the patrol boats from the collisions near islands that the Chinese call Diaoyu and Japanese call Senkaku. Japan controls the islands but China and Taiwan also claim them. They are located 120 miles (190 kilometers) east of Taiwan.

Beijing has not responded to Tokyo\'s demand for compensation, but it earlier cut off ministerial-level contacts with Japan and called Tokyo\'s ambassador in at least five times over the incident.

Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda said it was important for Japan for appeal to the international community over Japan\'s position at meetings like the one in Brussels.

Video of the Sept. 7 encounter has not been released, but Maehara said it was \"clear that the Chinese fishing boat steered (toward the coast guard vessels) and slammed into the boats.\"

Demonstrating Washington\'s support of Japan, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell on Monday praised Kan\'s handling of the dispute.

\"Prime Minister Kan has dealt with this issue — it\'s a very difficult issue — in a very statesmanlike fashion. And it shows how important it is for peaceful diplomatic process to be conducted on issues like this.\"

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Israel warship contacts Gaza-bound activist boat

Ship is 20 miles from Gaza coast; activist aboard the boat: 2 Israeli Navy ships have escorted us for half an hour.

An Israeli activist told Israel Radio that the two Israeli Navy ships have escorted the boat carrying Jewish activists to Gaza for half an hour on Tuesday morning, and more ships are on the horizon.

\"The army established contact with the captain, and asked him where we are headed,\" Rami Elhanan, who is aboard the Irene, said. \"The navy asked to bypass the ship from 5 miles to the right, and we complied.\"


Ashkenazi: Resistance on flotillas could cause casualties

\"We said we are headed to Gaza and sailing under the British flag,\" Elhanan added.

Elhanan also reported that the captain was not told that the boat will be stopped. \"I have no idea when, if at all, we will be intercepted,\" he said.

Capt. Glynn Secker says his boat is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Gaza and that expects the navy to intercept the Irene within the next hours.

The Israeli military said Tuesday it would not intervene until the boat tries to breach the blockade, and has not reported that it approached or contacted the ship.

The Irene, which is carrying nine Jewish activists from Israel and other countries, set sail from Cyprus on Sunday. The activists said they are trying to draw attention to Israel\'s blockade of Gaza and will not resist if they are stopped.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Andy David called the activists\' claim to be bringing aid to Gaza \"ridiculous\" and labeled the voyage \"a politically motivated provocation.\"
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