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Is Sunny Leone the nicest girl in Bigg Boss

New Delhi29-11-2011-

Sunny Leone\'s \'Bigg\' gameplan

Porn star Sunny Leone in Murder 3

10 things you should know about Sunny Leone

picking fights with all inmates, did not get chance to do so with Sunny. To strengthen her bond with Misrra, Sunny even nominated her for captaincy. Now who\'s playing the real game?

When asked by Sanjay Dutt, who was the real troublemaker in house, Sunny dared to take Sky\'s name, but clarified later that she did not really mean it.

Alighting from a doli in a lehenga, Sunny revealed her strategy right from the beginning - she followed the house rules (spoke in Hindi), did her research well (she could recognise all the contestants especially the boys) and did not throw her weight around. In short, unlike other housemates, she chose a coy image for herself, that\'s helping her case so far.

Siddharth, who\'s trying to keep her cool of late, was also spotted sharing tidbits about Indian culture with Sunny. Hmmmmm. And it\'s not just about the boys, even girls in the house are quite fond of Sunny Leone.

Mahek Chahal, who according to recently evicted Pooja Bedi spread negativity in the house, shared her innermost secrets with Sunny Leone. Now we really don\'t know if it was her attempt to win her trust for captaincy.

Her efforts are not going waste of course. Her desire to work in Bollywood seems to be coming true. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt not only wants to cast her in Jism 2, he is also going inside Bigg Boss house to persuade her for taking up the role. Now how cool is that? We hope Sunny knows how big Mahesh Bhatt is and agreed to star in his film.

o ensure she gets noticed in B-Town, Sunny also performed a pole dance inside the house. Well, if you ask us, we give her full points. The way her strategy is unfolding, it will not be a surprise, if she actually wins Bigg Boss with two-three Bollywood offers in her kitty. The only problem - there would be two Sunnys in Bollywood - one an action star with dhai kilo ka haath and the other with 22 inch ki kamar. Oops
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