Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rural students to get solar powered I-Slate tablet

Mumbai, Nov 14: Soon, Indian students, who are studying in schools that lack electricity, will get new a low-cost power efficient tablet, called I-Slate.

Buzz up!I-Slate, which works on solar energy, is underway to hit India. Scientists at Singapore\'s Nanyang Technological University and Rice University are developing the I-Slate to boost the technological learning experience to rural students.

The electronic notepad I-Slate will be beneficial for atleast 100 million Indian children who attend the school which face lack of electricity. The proto-type of I-Slate has been successfully tested in schools in Hyderabad.

The chips used in I-Slate make the device to run on solar energy. It is expected that new I-Slate will bring miracle of technology into thousands of rural schools.

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