Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Obamas are good for India

Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla believes that India is going to benefit from US Prez Barack Obama's visit to Mumbai on November 6.

"America is ruled by a combination of Cancer and Gemini zodiacs. Cancer means food and comfort and Gemini means advertisement and propaganda. On the other hand, India is ruled byCapricorn and the Aquarius zodiacs, which implies hard work, technology and money," says Bejan.

"India is a Capricorn country. It will never be tamed. It is a quality which most Capricorns have. America knows this and respects India. For the first time in years, America is not sure of itself. It's seeking assurance from the fact that it's still loved and respected by all. Being a Capricorn country, India has the potential to provide America as the perfect ally in tough times. India, in turn, is likely to gain financially from America," he adds.

Bejan informs, "Born on August 4, Barack Obama is a number 4 person — a number that's in sync with America's Independence Day (July 4). Besides, Obama is also the 44th president of USA, which adds up to the number 8, the number of Saturn. With Saturn also ruling India as a Capricorn country and itscurrent prime minister Manmohan Singh also being an 8 person (his birthday being September 26), the partnership between Obama and Manmohan will be fruitful."

Another numerologist Vijay S Parrmar is also very positive about Obama's visit to India. He stresses that Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama combined together produce number 8. He says, "Eight is the secret behind most of the successful personalities in the world. It is the complete number and has the power to make anyone successful. Michelle was born on January 17 and her destiny number is 8. Obama being the 44th president, supported strongly by a number 8 wife, will support India in the long run which is again a number 8 country. Barack and Michelle Obama will benefit Indians both financially and politically because both have a strong affinity for the same planet Saturn."

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