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Size zero is boring: Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan-03-12-2011

The Dirty Picture has already garnered thumbs up from B-Town. From Ranveer Singh to Arbaaz Khan, Karan Johar to Mahesh Bhatt, everybody is bowled over by the bold film. What remains to be seen is whether the film will rock BO too.

more photos »Vidya Balan, who spoke at the HT Leadership Summit on Saturday noon, finds size zero very boring and is happy with her curvy figure. She had even put on 12 kilos for her role as Silk in The Dirty Picture.

She says: \"Size zero is boring, women should look like women. I can identify with

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my character Silk in The Dirty Picture. I can enjoy and celebrate my body like Silk.\"

Vidya\'s boldest film till date, The Dirty Picture, has garnered positive response from B-Town as well as the film critics. \"I\'m very happy with the response to The Dirty Picture. I\'m lucky to be a part of such a film. On one hand Silk\'s a walking-talking sex bomb and on other she\'s child-like at heart.\"

Vidya says the film is not a biopic on South siren Silk Smitha. \"The Dirty Picture is not a biopic on Silk. I haven\'t seen too much of Silk Smitha\'s work.\"

Vidya has had an incredible journey from TV serial Hum Paanch to The Dirty Picture. \"I had what it took to get ahead in B-Town. I\'m living my dream, film world is not bad. I have dabbled in every medium- advertising, TV and films. I had also heard about casting couch and all when I came to the industry. But I feel people will treat you the way you want. Everyone knew I\'m here to work, I didn\'t encounter any problem. Things always work-out in the best possible manner if you have faith in yourself,\" says the proud actor.

Next, the curvy actor will be seen in Kahaani: \"My next film Kahaani is a thriller set in Kolkata. The film revolves around a six-month pregnant lady
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