Saturday, December 3, 2011

Egypt\'s Military Council vexed by Islamists\' election lead


ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is \"vexed and concerned\" by the apparent victory of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi al-Nour parties in the first round of Egyptian Parliament elections.

The London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat reported Saturday that Egypt\'s Military Council was very displeased with polls suggesting that the radical Islamist parties have the majority vote in the first round, and was concerned of a similar achievement in the second and third rounds of the elections.

The elections – Egypt\'s first free vote in six decades – have seen a record turnout. No official results have been published, but the Muslim Brotherhood and its ultra-conservative Salafi rivals both claim to have the lead in the polls so far.

According to Egyptian media, the Muslim Brotherhood has so far won 60% of the first round of votes to the Egyptian Parliament. The radical Salafi al-Nour party has won 20% of the vote, the liberal bloc has 15% of the vote and the three, smaller left-wing parties split 12% of the votes between them.

The final results are still pending, but Egyptian and Arab media predict both parties have had significant electoral achievements in the direct preliminary elections as well, giving them control of another third of the Egyptian House.

Should the polls be accurate, the numbers represent a landslide victory for the radical parties in Egypt, and a crushing failure for the moderate Left in Cairo

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