Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crippled Gulab Lal Sees a Ray of Hope after Lying on Roadside for Eight Months


Mentally retarded destitute Gulalb Lal was hit by an unknown vehicle about eight months back in the Model Town Extension Area of Ludhiana on a road along side Sidhwan Canal. Some bones of his thighs were broken. Being mentally retarded he could not solicit public support for treatment. So he remained lying on the roadside about all these months. Being unable to move, his body developed wounds and started giving foul smell. His legs got crippled and jammed. Although off and on some commuters provided food to Gulalb Lal but no one dared to move him to the hospital. However Dr. Naurang Singh Mangat got him admitted in Deep Hospital in Model Town Ludhiana. Besides looking after him personally, Dr. Mangat is also paying his hospital expenses.

"I spotted him crying in pain, lying naked in a half-conscious state. He had deep wounds on his legs and was mere skeleton of bones and even was unable to get up to answer the call of nature. In a choked voice Gulab Lal told that he hails from Guwahati (Assam) but could not reveal more." said Dr. Naurang Singh Mangat. Dr. Mangat further told that after he was discharged from the hospital he would be shifted to "Guru Amar Das Apahaj Ashram" premises at village Sarabha (Distt Ludhiana). This NGO was set up by Dr. Mangat himself.

Dr. Naurang Singh Mangat is a former Scientist of PAU Ludhiana. He has also worked as Visiting Scientist of the University of Windsor and as a Scientist at Morrison Scientific Inc, Calgary. He is also a former Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, London. Besides publishing about 70 research papers in the reputed journals, Dr. Mangat also co-authored the text book \"Elements of Survey Sampling\", which was published by Kluwer Academic Publishers of Dordretch, London, and Boston but now owned by Germany based Springer -Verlag publisher.

Now for the last six years most od the time he pedals his bicycle or drives van to help needy particularly in labour colonies. The small NGO \"Guru Amar Das Apahaj Ashram\" which he got registered in 2005 has saved lives of many extremely poor sick people who otherwise would have died for want of physical, medical and financial help. Tricycles, wheelchairs, crutches and clothes are also distributed to the needy, and education of about 25 extremely poor school kids having no source of income is also supported by the Charity.

With his constant efforts and unflinching belief to help needy, an Ashram with multi storey concept has been built over 3000 square yards near village Sarabha, district Ludhiana. The ground floor is almost ready with a 20 bed facility for providing shelter to the poorest of the poor which includes destitute, physically challenged, lepers, blind, orphans, etc. Dr. Mangat hopes its expansion to 100 beds soon. Dr. Mangat can be contacted at his mobile 95018-42505 or email nsmangat14@hotmail.com.

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