Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IDPD demands an end to the military aggression on Libya

Date: 22.03.2011

The Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) strongly deplores the military intervention of Libya by the US and allies. The whole action reminds us of aggression on Iraq few years back. This time also they have very subtly taken approval from the UNO and are once again engaging in brutal war with all its consequences. Large number of civilians and soldiers are reportedly dying and getting injured with total destruction of infrastructure required to sustain life. This collateral damage will have long term consequences on the security not only in the region but the whole world. This is a direct attack on the sovereignty of a nation. The whole propaganda that by this act the allied forces want to check violence in Libya is a hoax as their attack has caused many times more damage in a short period. IDPD therefore demands an immediate cessation of this aggression and appeals to the UN to immediately and effectively intervene to stop this aggression and facilitate end of violence through mutual dialogue between the warring groups of Libya. Let the people of Libya decide their own future. No external power or coalition should have the right to impose its will on the Libyan nation.
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