Saturday, March 26, 2011

GADVASU refutes allegation of PAU unions

Ludhiana 26-Mar-2011

In the past few days there are some press reports issued by some union leaders and ex-alumni of PAU giving false impression as if Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University is demanding some land from the PAU. We have already clarified and now reiterate that we are not asking an inch of additional land of PAU but only consolidation of existing land given to GADVASU as per GADVASU Act 2005. The information was revealed by Dr. KS Sandhu DSW cum Estate Officer of GADVASU. Further he that it will be for the benefit of both the universities to plan their future growth and will be beneficial for both the universities. We are getting some funding from the State Govt. and the ICAR for construction of hostels and we are prepared to leave our hostels to PAU and will demand only that land which is to be given to PAU. It is very important for any university that different buildings and land are adjacent and contiguous to each other and boundaries are clearly indicated. Under the present conditions all the buildings and hostels are intermingled with each other and it is not possible to demarcate from where one university is starting and other is ending, leading to many problems. GADVASU authorities attempted to solve the problem through negotiations with the PAU authorities and subsequently requested the State Govt. to intervene only for consolidation and not for additional land. It is very clear that with mutual discussion with all the concerned, an attempt will be made to arrive at a solution which is acceptable to all concerned otherwise present system will continue. It is unfortunate that some elements are giving wrong impression that not an inch of land will be given to GADVASU while it was never demanded.

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