Monday, February 28, 2011

The Communist party of India district Ludhiana

The Communist party of India district Ludhiana has termed the budget pro rich and ignoring the interests of poor vast majority of the people. Prime Minister has termed the budget as pro reform and for growth. The previous years' statistics has shown that since the so called reform process has started and slogan of growth due to reform has been given, there is constant decrease in employment generation and the poor section has been marginalized further with increase in economic gap in the population. The budget has done nothing in streamlining the growth in agriculture sector or for the prices of agriculture produce. It talks of giving loan to the farmers and thus further add to the burden of loan to them. Nothing substantially has been said for the agriculture labour. No mention has been made as to how it will control the inflation in the prices of essential items. Nothing has been done for women. No mention has been made for the unorganized sector employees who form bulk of the employees. Similarly poor and dependent elderly have been totally ignored. Com Kartar singh Bowani-Secretary and Dr Arun Mitra - Asstt. Secretary said that the budget will add to inflation and make the life of common man miserable and increase the economic gap in the population, damage the small scale sector in industry as well as trade asd further marginalise the already deprived sections leading to rise in crime, and disharmony in society.

Com D P Maur General - secretary Joint Council of Trade Unions has said that there is nothing for increasing the employment The mid day meal workers who provide food to the children have been totally ignored and Aasha and other workers under NRHM too have not been given any pay rise. The Aanagwadi workers have been given marginal increase in pay but even that is much below the minimum wage as stipulated by the government.
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