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GADVASU Pashu Palan Mela Concludes with new information & technology

Ludhiana- 18-Mar-2011

Pashu Palan Mela of GADVASU concluded with a note to meet again with new researches and latest information. The mela was inaugurated yesterday by Dr VK Taneja Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU with the theme of "Pashu Dhan Hai Vardaan, Sohni Kamai ate Ghar di Shaan". Mela attracted a huge gathering with a thought to develop livestock professions on scientific terms.

Whereas Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University is contributing in the field of education and research it is also promoting livestock professions with its extension activities. To develop livestock professions, University is extending its services, support, know how & training to every economic category. Besides delivering services to commercial farmers it is also disseminating all the techniques to medium and lower category of livestock community to provide equal opportunities to farmers. It helps them to earn benefits with their limited resources. These views were expressed by Dr. V.K. Taneja Vice Chancellor GADVASU. He said that some of our departments are providing services for rearing livestock where as others are in the field of value addition of livestock products. These professions help them to earn a handsome income. Women can do these professions comfortably with their household responsibilities. Dr. Taneja revealed that ornamentals fish, Aquarium making, flavoured Milk & Lassi, Cheese, Meat Pickle, Meat Kofta, Meat patties, Meat balls and a number of fish delicacies come in these professions. He said that Young entrepreneur can earn good returns in goat & pig farming. These professions are low cost but demand of their meat is very high. In the festival & marriage season traders meet the demand by procuring material from other states. While discussing about rural & kandi area people he said that rearing of female calves is also a source of good income. Tested & proven semen may reap added advantages for this profession to get high yield offspring. Dr. Taneja said that farmers should also adopt the integrated farming system with which vegetables waste of pigs & dropping of poultry can be used as feed in fish pond. The water of Fish pond & urine mixed dung of livestock may be used as manure.

While explaining the total output of Mela Dr. K S Sandhu Director of Extension Education revealed that a large number of farmers visited the stalls and showed keen interest in the measures to be adopted for the control of parasitic diseases of livestock. The department of Animal Nutrition has developed number of nutritional technologies for the dairy animals of the state, which were displayed in the Pashu palan mela. The dairy animals producing more than 15 kg milk require by-pass proteins and by-pass fat. Good quality mineral mixture and uromin lick prepared in GADVASU were sold at economical price.

Department of clinical Veterinary Medicine addressed the commonly prevalent disease conditions of the dairy animals of Punjab which are mastitis, mineral disorders, foot lameness and fore-stomach disorders. The college of fisheries displayed different varieties of fish like carp fish, cat fish, ornamental fishes and ducks. College of Dairy Science and Technology displayed value added milk products with better technology. The Livestock Products Technology Department has exclusively demonstrated the development of value added turkey meat products, as turkey meat is rich in protein and high priced, so department has standardized various low-priced formulations of turkey meat. Farmers were highly enthusiastic to be trained for the development of milk and meat products and the department has ensured to provide them literature and training on their requirement.

A number of farmers said that Pashu Palan Mela is a good platform to meet the experts of different animal husbandry departments of state, scientists of university, technical experts of different companies and financial institutions collectively. University publications entitled Dairy Farming, Package of Practices, University Diary , Calendar and monthly magazine, Vigyanak Pashu Palan also attracted a great response.

The Judgement committee of university adjudged the stalls and declared Milkfed first, Natural Remedies .second and Everest Pvt. Ltd. at third position.

The Pashu Palan Mela concluded with a new hope to develop livestock farming with scientific measures.

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