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The farmers should prefer to sow PAU recommended wheat varieties in the coming Rabi season for they are well tested, advised the PAU scientists working on wheat. Dr Virinder Singh Sohu, Navtej Singh Bains and Gurvinder Singh Mawi, sharing their views in this regard, said that along with 11 varieties of PAU, there are two varieties of Triticales with are to be sown at different times.

They further added that the wheat variety PBW 550 should be sown in the second week of November while varieties namely, PBW 343, DBW 17, PBW 502, WH 542 can be sown from fourth week of October to last week of November. The varieties PBW 590, PBW 509 and PBW 373 can be sown after the fourth week of November while PBW 527, PBW 175 should be sown in the fourth week of October. Tritcale variety TL 590 is to be sown from October\'s fourth week to November\'s fourth week while TL 1210 tritical should be sown after fourth week of November.

For obtaining the desired yield levels the variety should be sown at the recommended time. Delayed sowing results in reduced yield. The farmers should keep in touch with the experts for the preventive advisory before sowing the wheat varieties.

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