Thursday, October 28, 2010

Obama\'s India visit to focus on pushing US exports: US

WASHINGTON: Ahead of US President Barack Obama\'s visit to India, the government here has said that it is looking at the country as a big market for American exports and expects several commercial deals during his stay.

Officials here said that Obama is expected to focus on removal of barriers to US exports and for greater American participation in the Indian market to create jobs back home.

\"I think one of the major themes...the President is likely to emphasise is that... India is also a tremendous market, potential market, for US exports and a source of investment back in the US,\" Deputy National Security Advisor Mike Froman told reporters yesterday at White House briefing.

\"\'s a tremendous opportunity for goods, services, agriculture that he\'ll be pursuing while he\'s there for supporting jobs back here in the US,\" he said, adding that some major commercial deals are likely to be announced during the Obama visit to India next week.

Besides, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama\'s focus during the visit would be that economic relations with India create jobs back home.

\"I think we\'ll see as we get closer - not just the genuine potential of the market for American companies but some tangible impact in supporting and creating jobs here in America,\" Gibbs said, adding that it would be consistent with their national export initiative.

Froman said there\'s an ongoing dialogue between the two governments about outstanding trade issues, and Obama will make clear the importance of removing barriers to US exports and US participation in the Indian market.

He said a number of commercial deals are likely to be announced during the trip.

\"There are a number of large contracts being worked on between US companies and their Indian counterparts, oftentimes with the support of the US government in terms of our advocacy efforts or our trade finance being available. We hope to consummate some of these deals in the run-up to the President\'s visits,\" Froman said.

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