Monday, October 25, 2010

Bigg Boss 4 greets a new face Dolly Bindra in the house

Mumbai : Bigg Boss 4 greets a new face Dolly Bindra in the house: Reality show Bigg Boss welcomes a new face in the house, Dolly Bindra.

Dolly received a warm welcome from all the other housemates. Television actress Sara Khan was the first to welcome Dolly with a warm hug.

She received mixed reactions from her housemates. While Sara, Ashmit and Rahul were happy at her entry, Shweta, Manoj and Hrishant were not.

As soon as she entered the house she headed towards the kitchen, thereby trying to take over Shweta Tiwari's territory. She takes the initiative to make breakfast for her housemates and eveyone was satisfied with her cooking.

While everyone was happy with Dolly's entry into the house, it was Hrishant who looked disheartened as he was expecting Pamela Anderson to join them.

After all the mauj masti, Bigg Boss had given the task to Dolly to divide the members of the house in two groups.
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