Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tewari lambastes govt over dengue spread

27TH October : Ludhiana MP and the national spokesperson of the All India Congress Committee Manish Tewari today lashed out at the state government and the health administration for its failure to prevent the spread of dengue.

In a statement issued here today, Tewari pointed out, dengue in this season had now become a routine. However, the government does not seem to have learnt any lessons. "Every year there are thousands of dengue cases and several deaths but the administration remains unmoved", he observed, while adding, "it seems to make us reconcile with the dengue and the deaths caused by it".

The MP maintained that since dengue was quite expected during this season the health authorities need to take preventive measures. "What to say of preventive measures they do not even bother to provide remedial measures", he said, while adding, not even sufficient beds are available in the city hospitals to handle this problem.

Tewari underlined the need for chalking out a proper plan ahead of this season so that the spread of dengue is prevented to the maximum extent while at the same time ensuring proper healthcare to the patients who suffer from it.

He also asked the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation to take proactive measures against the spread of mosquitoes in the city. Because, he pointed out, it is primarily because of the mosquito bites that dengue is caused.

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