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LUDHIANA. 12th Feb 2011.(Anmol Singh Saggu)

Countries world over may feel intimidated by any other nations, cause of the super powers they were becoming, but feel reassured when it comes to India as the next super power, said Mr. Deepak Vohra, presently serving senior most Ambassador of India in the world,. He is the Indian Ambassador to two nations, Poland and Lithuania, while addressing MBA and PGDM students at PCTE Group of Institutes today afternoon.

Mr. Vohra, who was talking about the changing face of India vis-a-vis the Globe said, "Looking at India from outside, rather than from inside, he said he has seen times, when he had to toe the lines of the nation, and the gradual change, when everyone today reckons with the India as a nation, which makes him a proud ambassador of such a nation." He added that besides Corruption, which men of his age have given to the young generation, most of the everything else India stands for is amazing. He elaborated that India comes third after USA and China today on the basis of GDP (PPP), which is no mean achievement.

He said that India was asserting itself at the International level, and did not take any debts from any country since 2004, including the time when it was hit by Tsunami. On the contrary, India is giving other nations aid worth US $ 2 billion to about 150 countries in the world. He said everyday he received a request for an employment visa from a Polish in his embassy, and the Indian Embassy was very strict about granting visas, as after the new pay commission India had very lucrative jobs, and Indians alone deserved them foremost. Students felt proud learning such facts about their country.

He encouraged the students to have faith in themselves and follow their dreams. He said that he hoped the young generation, the students in the auditorium will go ahead and make some good changes, so that in his old age, he could say it loud, "Sarey Jahan Sey Acha...", and to the joy of every Indian, the entire hall sang along with him.

Dr. K N S Kang, Director General, PCTE Group of Institutes said it was an honour to have a dignitary of his stature at the campus, because he was tremendous motivation and encouragement to the youth. He said that if there could be more interface between people like him and the student community at large, the younger generation was bound to be guided towards the right path.

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