Saturday, February 26, 2011

Akalis are habitually aggrieved, dual faced

LUDHIANA, February 26:

Ludhiana MP and the National Spokesperson of the Indian National Congress Manish Tewari today said, the Akalis had the habit of feeling aggrieved. He said, at the same time they were double faced as they will always go to the centre with a meek face for demanding funds and grants and once they return to Punjab they will say the state is discriminated against.

Addressing a series of meetings in villages Bhullara, Jaspal Bhangar and Sangowal in Gill assembly segment, Tewari pointed out, despite the fact that this government was surviving on the central grants only as they did not even have the money to pay the salaries of the employees still it was beating its breast with the false allegations that the Congress led United progressive Alliance government was discriminatory towards them.

The Ludhiana MP challenged the Akali-BJP leadership to name a single project that the government had done of its own by mobilising its own resources. He disclosed that there were scores of other projects pending just because the state was not in a position to provide the matching grants. "It is their own failure that they are not able to generate the matching grants for the development projects with the result central funds are remaining unutilised", he pointed out, while expressing surprise, still they will keep on blaming the central government.

Ex Minister Malkiat Singh Dakha, PPCC general secretary Pawan Dewan and Paramjit Singh Ghawaddi also spoke on the occasion.

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