Friday, February 25, 2011

Pak security agencies behind killings in Balochistan: PML-N

25 Feb 2011, Islamabad:

Pakistan\'s security agencies are behind the kidnapping and killing of political workers and national activists in Balochistan province of southwest Pakistan, a leading PML-N parliamentarian has alleged.

Lt Gen (retd.) Abdul Qadir Baloch, who served as the army\'s corps commander in Quetta and was also Governor of Balochistan, made the allegation while speaking in Parliament.

He also questioned the role of security forces and intelligence agencies in the province.

\"If not the agencies then who are the people responsible for daily kidnappings and mutilated bodies found in streets almost every other day? And if not the agencies, why are these people not being apprehended and tried in the courts of law?\" Baloch said.

He expressed concern for the safety and security of political activists in Balochistan.

Inter-Provincial Coordination Minister Raza Rabbani, however, rejected the impression that security agencies were responsible for extra-judicial killings and kidnappings in Balochistan.

\"Extra-judicial killings are strong words to use. The federal government is, nonetheless, trying that security forces in Balochistan do not operate outside the law,\" Rabbani told the National Assembly or lower house of parliament in response to Baloch\'s remarks.

The NGO Voice For Baloch Missing Persons said this week that 101 bullet-riddled bodies had been found in Balochistan in the past seven months.

Most of the dead were political activists or \"missing persons\", a euphemism for people detained without charge by security agencies.

Rabbani acknowledged that there was \"no satisfactory progress\" in the cases of missing persons in Balochistan but maintained that it would be inappropriate to blame security agencies.

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