Friday, February 25, 2011

India allowed to land evacuation planes in Libya

feb 25, 2011, New Delhi:

India has been allowed by Libya to fly in special planes to collect Indian citizens. Currently 18,000 Indians are in Libya - if they want to leave the country, India will assist them with special ships and planes.

From tomorrow till February 7, India can land two planes a day in Tripoli for its evacuation operations. However, government sources say that moving citizens to the airport can be tricky since Tripoli is highly volatile currently. Col Muammar Gadaffi\'s forces are using brutal force against protestors in clashes every day.

India is also moving three navy ships to Benghazi, which is where the revolt against Mr Gadaffi began. From Benghazi, ships will transport Indians to Alexandria in Egypt. Special Air India flights will then bring them home.

The government has clarified that citizens do not have to pay for their evacuation. A statement today from the Ministry of External Affairs stresses:

\"It has come to notice that some unscrupulous elements are asking for payments/handling charges/facilitation fee etc., for arranging evacuation of Indian nationals, through the Embassy of India in Libya. These activities are completely illegal and individuals engaged in them should be immediately reported to the law enforcement authorities.\"

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