Monday, February 28, 2011

G. N. International Sen. Sec. Public School EXHIBITS BENEVOLENCE

Ludhiana 28/2/2011(Gurzeet Singh)

Under the aegis of Principal Mrs. Gumant Kaur Gill students of G. N. International Sen. Sec. Public School, Model Town, exhibited an act of benevolence by donating an amount of Rs.1,18140 to the famous body of HelpAge India –

Students contributed generously and most of them were doing this from their pocket money. They were seen doing this very enthusiastically and showing the spirit of compassion and kindness with all humility. In this way, some generous students were source of inspiration to many junior students who came forward happily and contributed from their piggy banks.

Harsimran Kaur of VIII-C contributed the maximum with Rs.5001/- and was awarded a trophy from HelpAge India – which was handed over to her by Mrs. Gill on behalf of the organization. Other two contributors who were awarded were Kirat Kaur VII-D who donated a sum of Rs.1936/- and Sukhpreet Singh of IV-B who donated Rs. 1710/-.

"The aim to have such contributions is to inculcate the spirit of altruism compassion, kindness and benevolence" said Principal Mrs.Gill. She further congratulated the donors and conveyed thanks to all of them for their generosity.

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