Friday, February 18, 2011

PM\'s Teflon image will wear thin unless guilty punished

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It is a measure of the respect which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh continues to inspire that he was able to get away without any serious damage to his credibility with admissions at his press conference that would have been politically disastrous for any other politician.

Considering that he acknowledged the governance and ethical \"deficits\" of his tenure, and blamed \"coalition dharma\" for the unethical compromises, it was evident that the government\'s failures far outweighed its successes.

What is more, since the compromises that he spoke of are known to be responsible for one of the biggest swindles in recent memory, it is patent enough that these did not entail ideological tussles, but concerned corrupt practices that have led to the incarceration of a minister in Delhi\'s well-known Tihar Jail

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