Monday, February 14, 2011

Left march for poll begins

Mon Feb 14 2011,Kolkata:

Unwilling to give Trinamool full credit for the Left's travails in Bengal, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has detected a "foreign hand" in the business.

Kicking off the Left Front's campaign for the Assembly polls at a rally attended by over a lakh-strong crowd at Brigade Parade Ground, Bhattacharjee said: "There is a group of foreign powers who are scared of the red flag and have rallied against us. They are, in fact, trying to uproot the red flag in various countries. We know who they are and will not allow them to meddle with our affairs."

"We have won the elections seven times. We have to fight and win the elections this time," he said. Referring to the Opposition's slogan of "change", he asked, "What will you change... and who wants the change? Pointing at the huge turnout, he said it is clear that the Front is ready to fight.

There was a slap on the wrist for a "few" party workers too. The party, he said, has been defamed by the action of few workers. "I call on them to correct themselves and go to the people and admit their mistakes."

The "Trinamool-Maoist nexus" theme was not forgotten. Besides, the party was now fanning the flames in Darjeeling, he alleged.

Tagging the Congress "ruthless and cruel", the chief minister said the party's corruption has reached sky high. The indication was that black money was stashed in foreign banks and Congress was not coming clean on this.

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