Thursday, June 20, 2013

visit to India

Washington: 20 Jun 2013

Economic issues like intellectual property protection, local content restrictions and a continued cap on FDI are likely to be on top of the agenda when US Secretary of State John Kerry travels to India next week for strategic dialogue between the two countries.

\"Intellectual property protection, local content restrictions, continued restrictions on FDI in different sectors. This is certainly going to be our focus,\" Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Robert Blake, said.

He also added that one of the goals is to reinvigorate the bilateral investment treaty talks and conclude them as soon as possible.

Both Kerry and President Barack Obama have been receiving letters from the US business community, advocacy groups, Senators and Congressmen on the trade policies of India, which they claim is harming American businesses.

Responding to questions, Blake said the US is not looking at any deliverables during the strategic dialogue, except to making sure that they understand each other on these issues. \"India has its own concerns on comprehensive immigration reform. Obviously we need to hear from that. The purpose of the dialogue is to hear each other out in a very open and friendly manner and then figure out who is going to take charge of fixing these,\" he said.

Referring to the various bilateral and trilateral dialogues between the two countries, Blake said, \"All of these collectively really enabled us to have an extremely good dialogue on issues that were previously very difficult.\"

Responding to questions, Blake said India is one of the highest strategic priorities for the US.
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