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The farm experts of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have informed the farmers of the Punjab state that the month of July is the right time for planning and procurement of plant material for planting evergreen fruit orchards of citrus, mango, litchi, guava, loquat, ber, amla and papaya. It is also suitable time for the transplanting of papaya seedlings in the fields, they advised.

Giving useful tips for horticultural operations in July, the experts said that the vacant land may be put under Kharifpulses like moong, mash, moth or jantar, etc. for green manuring. To improve fruit size and increase yield in Kinnow mandarin, give foliar sprays of potassium nitrate @ 1 per cent, they advised, while emphasizing that the pear fruit should be picked carefully so that the spurs are not broken/damaged. The experts stressed that the fully developed hard ripe mangoes should be picked for artificial ripening. "The full grown ber plants should be given 500 g urea per tree in July. The second coat of white wash should be given as this will help to check the adverse effect of heat on the exposed tree trunk," they said.

Elaborating, the experts suggested that for the control of mealy bugs in citrus and grapes, monitor the infestation of trees regularly by observing the underside of leaves, young shoots, fruits and branches. Impressing on the farmers to keep the orchards neat and clean, they advised that not to allow the branches of trees to touch the ground and that prune or remove the infested branches and destroy the same. Destroy the ant nests in orchards, they stressed, while asking to drench spraying of insecticides like 1875 ml Durmet/Dursban/Corobon 20 EC (chlorpyriphos) in 500 litres of water first on the appearance of pest, and repeat the spray if required.

Further, in grapes, the experts asked to spray the vines with Score @ 500 ml/500 litres of water to control anthracnose. This spray should be given in mid-July followed by another spray of Bordeaux mixture (2:2:250) at the end of July, they added. In citrus, to control insect-pests like citrus psylla, whitefly, and leaf miner, spray 1250 ml Rogor 30 EC or 200 ml Crocodile 17.8 SL (imidacloprid) in 500 litres of water. This solution will be sufficient for one acre of full grown orchard, they said.
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