Sunday, June 16, 2013

Monsoon likely to hit city in 2-3 days, a week in advanceExpress news service

Chandigarh, Sun Jun 16 2013,

Pre-monsoon showers that lashed the city on Saturday further brought down the day temperature. According to the meteorological department, monsoon is likely to hit the city in the next two to three days.

Pre-monsoon showers arrived in the city on Thursday with 90.2 mm rainfall, which was a record breaking rainfall as it was the highest in the last four years. The temperature was further reduced on Saturday with 16.1-mm rainfall in the city and 11.4-mm rainfall at the airport. The conditions have become conducive for the early onset of monsoons.

Met department Director Surender Paul said, \"Monsoon will hit the city in two-three days. It will arrive a week in advance. For the next few days, the weather will be similar, with rain-showers and cloudy sky.\"

The rain brought down the day temperature. Maximum temperature on Saturday was recorded as 23.7 degree Celsius, 14 degrees below normal and minimum temperature was 21.9 mm, 3 degree Celsius below normal.

On Friday, the maximum temperature was 36.9 degree Celsius and minimum temperature was 27.7 degree Celsius, three degree above


According to the Met department, on Sunday, it will be generally cloudy with possibility of rain or thunderstorm. Maximum temperature on Sunday will be around 32 degree Celsius and minimum temperature on Monday will be around 22 degree Celsius.
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