Wednesday, May 22, 2013

`Yadav planned to play in Bangladesh league`

May 23, 2013, New Delhi--

Former Ranji cricket player Baburao Yadav, arrested in the IPL spot fixing scandal, had planned to play in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) with the help of one of the arrested bookies, police said on Wednesday.

Yadav, who was arrested on Monday was taken to Bangladesh by the bookie Sunil Bhatia in 2009 to introduce him to some of his contacts who could help Yadav play in the BPL, said a police official.The official shared the information after it was revealed by Yadav and Bhatia, who is already in police custody.

The official confirmed that Yadav could not play in the BPL as the anti-corruption team of International Cricket Council (ICC) identified Bhatia as a bookie and he returned from Bangladesh to avoid arrest.Baburao Yadav was arrested on Tuesday from here in the Indian Premier League spot fixing scandal.

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