Monday, May 27, 2013

Shahid\'s mom Neelima accused of cheating

May 28, 2013,MUMBAI:--

Neelima Azim finds herself drawn to the middle of a controversy. After producer Rajesh Vyas filing a complaint against the actress recently, a criminal case has apparently been registered against Neelima for alleged criminal intimidation, cheating and criminal breach of trust.

According to Vyas' advocate Neeraj Gupta, Neelima had signed a contract with the producer's company in 2009 to direct a film and also apparently took a signing amount, only to later avoid their calls and refusing to return the signing amount.

Gupta states, "Neelima had signed a contract with Bysscope Production and had taken a signing amount of R 15 lakh and another R 2 lakh thereafter. She had promised the production house that she would sign Priyanka Chopra and Emraan Hashmi for the film. Later citing date problems, she said she would get Shahid Kapoor."

The advocate adds, "My client has filed a case against her and she has to appear in the court on June 2."

Neelima however has a different version of the episode. She says, "I have not received any letter from the court yet. I did sign a contract with the production house and they paid me only R 12 lakh. I worked for them for six months but they wanted big stars for the film. In fact, I also spoke to Sonu Sood and Jimmy Shergill and they were ready to do the film also but Vyas wanted big stars like Emraan and Priyanka."

The actress feels the other party should have settled the matter amicably. "I would have retained the amount I needed to be paid for six months while returning the rest. But they didn't talk to me even once. I will ask my lawyer to follow up with them," she adds.
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