Monday, May 20, 2013

CIPHET develops low cost cryogenic grinder

Ludhiana, May 20:

Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET) has designed and fabricated a low cost cryogenic grinder which would bring down cost to about Rs 28 lakh from 1.5 crore of similar capacity of imported grinder. The grinding system is ready for the commercialisation.

Notably, India is largest producer of spices in the world and grows over 50 different varieties of spices. These are exported to more than 150 countries and total production stands around 2.7 million tonnes. Indian share of the world trade in spices is 45-50 per cent in terms of volume. During conventional grinding, flavours and medicinal attributes are reduced to large extent due to high temperature raised during the grinding process. On the other hand, cryogenic grinding was not viable due to high cost of the imported machinery.

The technology of cryogenic grinding has also been used in the space for developing highly cooled cryogenic engines. In this system, liquid nitrogen is used for making grinding feasible at ultra-low temperature to retain essential oils, flavour and medicinal properties. "The developed cryogenic grinder is having capacity of 30 to 50 kilogram per hour depending on type of spices," Scientist Dr Pradyuman Barnwal said, who has designed and fabricated cryogenic grinder, adding that this was first of its kind cryogenic grinder developed in India with scientific design and having capacity to grind spices at large scale.

The grinding system, developed at CIPHET, consists of a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen cylinder of 185 litre capacity, cryo-precooler of capacity 30-50 kg per hour and a grinder. All contact parts of spices are made of stainless steel. "There is a provision of collection of ground spice product through cyclone system and immediate sieving system for different grades of the powder," he further added.

Dr S.N Jha, Director (Acting) CIPHET, said that design and fabrication of low cost cryogenic grinder would help Indian spice and pharmaceutical industry for producing quality products. He further added that adoption of this technology by industry would help customers in getting more naturally flavoured spice powder with retention of medicinal attributes.
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