Monday, May 27, 2013

Saif and Jimmy taste prison food for goodluck

Mumbai,May 28, 2013:--

If you eat jail food, you will never get into trouble and will be able to with stand anything,\"translates a popular Hindi phrase. While this may not have many takers, Jimmy Shergill certainly seems to live by it.

And so it was that the actor, who had missed out on an opportunity to sample prison food on another occasion, grabbed the chance with both hands during the filming of Tigmanshu Dhulia\'s Bullett Raja in Nashik Jail. What\'s more, heeven got Saif Ali Khan,Tigmanshu and producer Rahul Mittra to join the feast.

A source present during the shoot told TOI how it all panned out. \"As soon as Jimmy entered the jail, he started preparing for what marked his first shoot with Saif. Soon, it was lunch time and he casually asked about the menu. While he was given some lavish options and Tigmanshu even suggested they all step out for lunch, he kept asking about the food in jail.\"

Saif and Rahul were rather curious about his request at which point he explained why he was so keen on the jail food. To which, Rahul asked him, \"Are you serious?\" and Jimmy proceeded to give a rather long explanation. Forty-five minutes into Jimmy\'s lecture and Saif, Tigmanshu and Rahul too were hooked.

\"The food prepared by the inmates was indeed served to the foursome and they all ate together. Interestingly, no one complained and the idea of eating out was dropped altogether,\" said the source.

And in case you are wondering, it was a simple meal of chana and chapatti served to them...

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