Sunday, October 27, 2013

Routes to main markets choked

LUDHIANA: Reaching the main Model Town market has become a hurdle for the residents due to the traffic issue. Traffic chokes all the nearby areas, and routes to the Model Town Extension\'s main gurdwara and Guru TegBahadur Hospital. The time generally taken to reach these places is about five to 10 minutes, however, it takes nearly 30 minutes to reach there because of the chaos and the traffic.

All this is because there is no one directional flow of traffic in these areas. Two-wheelers entering in wrong directions, and cars parked haphazardly, have created this traffic mess. The cars are seen parked anywhere in between the roads that lead to traffic issues.

For a smooth flow of traffic, the higher authorities closed the main entry to the Model Town market and blocked the dividers with barriers and big stones.

However, this was messed by some two wheeler and rickshaw people. Instead of following one-way, they removed barriers and stones to make way and left a mess for others.
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