Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Azam Khan\'s staff allege abuse, seek transfer

LUCKNOW: The personal staff of Azam Khan, Uttar Pradesh\'s urban development, parliamentary affairs and minority affairs minister, has sought transfer from his office saying the minister is abusive towards them, authorities said.

An official of the \'Sachivalaya Prashasan\', the nodal department for all such staff, said two personal secretaries and five additional secretaries have petitioned the department to relieve them of their duties with the minister.

Alleging that despite their best efforts and round-the-clock work at the minister\'s office, Azam Khan was abusive and harsh in his treatment towards them.

The staff wrote in their letter: \"On most occasions, the minister\'s behaviour towards them was \'ashobhaneey\' (unbecoming) and that in anger, he makes uncharitable remarks and gets abusive.\"

The staff members also said that they were leading a \"very tense life\" because of this, and they were not in a position to continue with their duties with the cabinet minister.

They have also requested the department to immediately relieve them of their duties. Azam Khan is known for his proximity with the Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Reacting to the accusations of the minister\'s personal staff, the secretariat employees union has opened a front against Azam Khan and urged the chief minister to sack him.

Secretary of the \'Sachivalaya Sangh\' Onkar Nath Tiwari told IANS that the complaints against the minister were serious and if true, the CM should intervene and remove Azam Khan as minister.

\"No one has the right to abuse and torture the staff members\" he added.
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