Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moulded in silver, hatri makes a comeback

LUDHIANA: People are going modern with each passing and the changes are very well reflected in our day-to-day activities. A few years back people would visit family and friends on Diwali holding boxes of sweets, mainly ladoos, for they are considered apt for the day.

Those boxes soon changed into heftier looking cartons with cakes, chocolates or dry fruits. Since the old in the family would insist, hence the tradition of passing on silver or gold coins or other centerpieces persisted. However what has so unexpectedly made a comeback in the market this season, is \'hatri\' moulded in silver.

Centuries ago, hatri, a house shaped structure, had once started with silver and gold plating, but thanks to the surging metal prices, it slowly got confined as a mud and clay handicraft.

The \'hatri\', as it is popularly called, finds its mention in the Diwali tale that is narrated during the puja. It hence forms an important part in Diwali rituals. And since the silver metal is a better deal this season, city residents are making the most of it and hence giving way to the old trend make an effective comeback this festive season.

\"I remember seeing these in Diwali as gifts when I was in school and. Usually these are mad in clay and mud and that\'s what have been popular all this time. When I saw them in one of the stores the other day, I just knew that this has to be it. There is already so much confusion about Diwali gifts\", says Prakram Bedi, an IT professional from Civil Lines.

While for Prakaram it\'s a visit to age-old memories, women in the city say that it is actually a very sanctimonious gift for the occasion. \" Anything that is associated with the Diwali katha is obviously very meaningful and pious. Why do you think silver coins with Lakshmi or Ganesh imprinted have always been so much in demand? We hadn\'t seen these hatri\'s in the market before and had always stuck to coins, but this is such a beautiful gift. We are gifting the silver hatri to friends and the gold plated hatri\'s to the close ones\", says Lovely Munjal, a resident of Model Gram.

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