Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Increasing ceasefire violations matter of concern: A K Antony

NEW DELHI: Defence Minister A K Antony today voiced concern over increasing ceasefire violations and infiltration attempts from across the border and said they cannot take place without the \"tacit support\" of the Pakistan Army.

\"We are watching all these new developments. Instead of preventing infiltration or trying to minimise the infiltration attempts, still there attempts are going on increasing. That means, these are going on with the support of elements across the border. But I am sure nothing has happened without the support and knowledge and tacit support of Pakistan Army. It is a matter of concern to us,\" he said addressing a press conference.

The Defence Minister wondered how such attempts can take place without the support or knowledge of the armed forces of Pakistan when the international border is guarded on one side by Indian Army and BSF and Pakistan Army and Rangers on the other.

\"Both sides of borders are completely guarded by armed forces. So how can the terrorists try to infiltrate in Indian border without the support or knowledge of armed forces of Pakistan.

\"How can terrorists embolden to increase the attempts to infiltrate with the tacit support and sometimes open support of the Pakistani Armed forces,\" he asked.

\"That is a question that is worrying us,\" he said.

Antony said India has been saying that it is sincere in improving relations with Pakistan, but questioned how this can happen when infiltration is taking place.
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