Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Will Priyanka Chopra\'s international dream remain elusive?

New Delhi: Actress Priyanka Chopra\'s journey from Bareilly to Bollywood proves how if girls, who belong to middle-class families, are given the freedom to make professional choices, can turn even the most unfeasible dreams into reality. From bagging the Miss World title to taking up the most challenging roles in Bollywood, Priyanka has been successful in almost all her endeavors. While the actress has been busy traveling from Mumbai to LA for professional reasons, has she really been able to leave an indelible impact with her international musical journey? Will Priyanka, who has pop songs, music videos and other international projects to her credit, turn a global celebrity? Well, not really. Priyanka\'s much-talked about single \'In My City\' couldn\'t earn much appreciation as many thought it was too Rihanna-ish and didn\'t carry the much-emphasized Indianness. And it was only the inclusion of that added some credibility to the song. Post the \'moderate\' success of \'In My City Featuring, Priyanka made headlines with her next single \'Exotic\' featuring Pitbull. Going by the common perception, the actress-turned-singer was only making an attempt to go one step further in building a steady career in singing. But has her consistent efforts been helping her much? Nah! For the \'Exotic\' video appeared like a tribute to Jennifer Lopez and other artists Pitbull worked with in the past. Even though the song offered a blend of Indian popular music and western pop, the video failed to translate the same on screen, and came across as a mix of Priyanka\'s \'desi girl\' act and Pitbull\'s twisted sensibilities instead. Even though Priyanka has done a voiceover for an animated film and performed at NFL\'s Thursday Night Football, she is still to bag an esteemed international project. Unlike her counterpart like Deepika Padukone, who was recently in news for turning down \'Fast and Furious\' offer, courtesy her prior commitments, Priyanka is yet to be approached for anything as prized and esteemed. What\'s keeping her somewhat busy now is her contribution to international fashion scene. For the uninitiated, she has become the first Indian to become \'Guess girl\'. Part of Holiday 2013 campaign, Chopra will be seen in fashion magazines soon. But is that an accomplishment? Priyanka, who has pop songs, music videos and other international projects to her credit, have a flourishing career in Hollywood? Like several Indian actors, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who was often referred to the Princess of Cannes, may have caught the attention of Hollywood filmmakers, but she couldn\'t succeed in finding her way into mainstream Hollywood films. Will Priyanka, who has her eyes set westwards, manage a flourishing career in Hollywood too? Besides endorsement contracts, will Priyanka also bag top roles? Or will plum Hollywood roles continue to remain ellusive for her?

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