Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sonia: Plight of Sri Lankan Tamils is close to our hearts

NEW DELHI, March 19, 2013 PTI

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday demanded an "independent and credible" inquiry into the violation of human rights in Sri Lanka even as she refused to comment on key UPA ally DMK withdrawing support to the government at the Centre.

Voicing her pain and anguish over the "denial of legitimate political rights" to Sri Lankan Tamils, Ms. Gandhi dwelt at length on the issue at the Congress Parliamentary Party meeting in Delhi.

"I have nothing to say now", Ms. Gandhi said when asked about the pull out by DMK.

"The plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka is close to our hearts. Our support for equal rights and equal protection of the laws to them has been unwavering since the days of Indiraji and Rajivji.

"We are most pained at the manner in which their legitimate political rights continue to be denied to them. We are anguished by reports of unspeakable atrocities on innocent civilians and children, especially during the last days of the conflict in 2009," she said.

Slams Italy over marines

Slamming Italy for its refusal to send back the two marines charged in the fishermen killing case, Ms. Gandhi asserted that no country will be allowed to take India for granted.

"The defiance of the Italian government on the question of the two marines and its betrayal of a commitment to our Supreme Court are outright unacceptable," she said.

"No country can, should, or will be allowed to take India for granted. All means must be pursued to ensure that the commitment made by the Italian government to our Supreme Court is honoured," Ms. Gandhi said.
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