Monday, March 25, 2013

Water troughs in ATR being filled

COIMBATORE, March 25, 2013

In a bid to provide water to quench the thirst of wildlife during summer, officials in the Pollachi Range of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR) are filling the water troughs.

Seven troughs

This step also prevents wildlife from straying into human habitations in search of water. On directions from Field Director Rajiv K. Srivastava and Deputy Director P. Velusamy, as many as seven troughs in Pollachi are being filled with 20,000 litres of water using containers fitted on to tractors, says M. Ganesh Ram, Pollachi Range Officer.


Refilling is done periodically, as and when water level recedes in these water troughs. Four troughs have a capacity to hold 500 litres, while the remaining three have a 6,000 litre capacity.

There is no other water source in the vicinity, hence water troughs were created and refilling is done, Mr. Ganesh added.
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