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The Post-graduate Department of English S.C.D.Government College, Ludhiana organized an Extension Lecture on 21.3.2013. An eminent scholar of Phonetics and Linguistics, Dr.D.V.Jindal was the resourse person. He was extended a warm welcome by Prof. Sunanada Joshi, Head Dept.of English.Dr. Jindal spoke on the topic \' Effective Communication; Importance, Problems and Remedial Measures\'. Dr. Jindal is a versatile personality with more than 40 years of experience in teaching during which he has served on various school and university Boards of Studies in English to be taught in schools and colleges all over the country. Devoted to helping students grasp a better understanding of English, Dr.Jindal has authored several books which are prescribed texts as well as invaluable reference material Frequently honored by several organizations and institutions as an \' Excellent Teacher\' , Dr.Jindal continues to be a source of great inspiration to students and teachers alike.

An effective communicator himself, Dr.Jindal enlightened the students about the basics and the benefits of effective communication in professional as well as personal life. He elaborated that Effective communication includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. An excellent command over the language, a rich vocabulary and understanding the nuances of speech are the pre-requisite of verbal communication while non- verbal communication requires perceptiveness about body language: gestures, posture, facial expressions and communication through eyes. thereby, enabling one to hear the

\' unsaid \'. Further, effective communication in a two-way process. In order to succeed, it requires good listening skills, that is receptiveness to what is being communicated.

The students and teachers listened to him in rapt attention. the lecture was followed by a lively and vibrant exchange of questions and answers between the students and Dr.Jindal.

Prof. Sunanda Joshi profusely thanked Dr.Jindal for such a fruitful lecture in which students got pertinent tips for practical us age.
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