Sunday, November 3, 2013

Glamourless Diwali this year, city shops remain deserted

The city known for its rich and lavish lifestyle with majority of the population belonging to business class with high purchasing power, is witnessing a sheenless Diwali this year.

A day before Diwali all major city markets wore a deserted look with sweet and gift shops the worst hit.

Ghumar Mandi, the most preferred market for festival shopping wore a deserted look with least number of vehicles parked and hardly and shoppers. Also, Malhar Road, Aggar Nagar, Model Town, Dandi Swami, BRS Nagar witnessed low footfall.

The new taxes, increasing number of dengue patients and downfall in property rates are the major reasons said to be behind the decreasing purchasing power.

Narinder Singh, president, Punjab Halwai Association, said, \"Sales have decreased tremendously this season. People are fed up with property tax and increasing VAT. Electricity bills are also to be paid in advance.\"

He added that people are buying sweets in less quantities too. \"Today I had only two customers. Nowadays people also prefer half kg sweets to one or two kg.\"

On Saturday, the number of dengue patients in Ludhiana touched 704. \"People with limited income are greatly affected by expenditure on diseases. Even if dengue is on primary stage, expenditure of Rs 5,000 or more is incurred in a week which is a big deal,\" laments Dr Baldip Singh of Deep Hospital.
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