Monday, November 11, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan LIVE: Philippines remote areas like \'black hole\'

The whopping death toll of 10000 was confirmed by a top UN humanitarian official named John Ging. He added thaat \"worst\" was being expected for the final toll, which may be higher.

\"We are certainly expecting the worst. As we get more and more access we find the tragedy of more and more people killed in this typhoon.\"

10:30 am: Destructed areas like \"Black hole\" for recsue agencies

With the roads blocked, bridges broken and airport badly damaged, communication and transport lines have been disrupted and this is making the job of rescue agencies a herculean task.

A medical aid agency Doctors without Borders (MSF -Médecins Sans Frontières) said that they didn\'t have a clear picture of the remote areas hit by typhoon and it was like operating in a \"a relative black hole of information."

"This sort of disaster is unprecedented in the Philippines. The effect is something like a massive earthquake followed by huge floods," said Natasha Reyes, MSF's emergency co-ordinator in the Philippines, in a statement.

10:00 am: British warship and Boeing c-17 headed to Philippines

Britain is sending HMS Daring, which will be equipped with a device to convert sea water to drinking water, to Philippines to assist in rescue and relief work. Britain is also sending a Boeing C-17 military transport aircraft that would expedite teh transport of humanitarian aid to the typhoon-hit areas in dire need of supplies.

9:40 am: US, UK sending warships to Philippines for rescue aid

To expedite rescue operations, the US was sending an aircraft carrier USS George Washington to Philippines, which would reach there in 48-72 hours.

According to a statement, 5000 sailors and over 80 aircraft were onboard USS George Washington and crews were being recalled from Hong Kong to be on their way to the Philippines.

British Prime Minister David Cameron Britain said the UK is also sending a Navy warship with equipment to make drinking water from seawater and a military transport aircraft.

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