Monday, November 11, 2013

The secret language of friendship

LUDHIANA: Best friends or siblings sometimes want to talk about things they don\'t necessarily want others to know. This is where creating your own secret language can come in handy. One can find many best friends and siblings around them who have created their own secret language that sounds gibberish to others. However, with some base rules and practice, one can leave those pry minds rattling their brains to crack the codes.

\"I learnt the secret language trick from my dad. He used to talk to his friends in this manner and I started picking up patterns one uses to make a secret language. The base rule is to add letters and playing with vowels. For instance, \"naam\" becomes \"nasaman\". If you play with patterns it may become tougher and it depends on your own practice and fluency. We have our own easier and tougher version of the language. The usage depends on the situation and people near you. But it\"s hilarious when you are talking about someone sitting right in front of you and he/she does not have a clue. When people act surprised, it adds more fun element owning the secret language,\" said Mohit Hunjan of Janta Nagar.

\"It\"s fun have your own language and you don\"t even need not to have any privacy for that. You can go as loud as you want to go with confidence that nobody will understand it. When people ask us to explain what we are talking, we say \"if we wanted you to know then we would not have used our secret language\". Though it may sounds gibberish to people around us, it is a convenient way for me and my friends to communicate. I have one more secret language and I have pasted a poster in that language as I do not want anybody else to know what it means,\" said Taman Talwar of Dugri.
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