Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CBI chief clarifies his \'enjoy rape if you can\'t prevent it\' remark

New Delhi: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) chief Ranjit Sinha has sparked a controversy by saying that if you can\'t prevent rape, enjoy it. He made this comment while pushing that why betting should be legalised in India.

\"What is the harm if we legalise betting, above all do we have enforcement agencies? It is very easy to say... It\'s like if you can\'t prevent rape you enjoy it, so its better to have it legalised and earn some revenue,\" said Sinha on Tuesday in the backdrop of the conference held in New Delhi to celebrate 50 years of the CBI.

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However, he later clarified his position saying that it was a proverb and his statement has been taken out of context.

\"Statement was made in context to voice vote taken by Shekhar Gupta, Editor of Indian Express on legalising batting in sports. I gave my opinion that batting should be legalised and that if law can\'t be enforced that doesn\'t mean that law can\'t be made. It is as erroneous as if rape is inevitable one should lie back and enjoy it,\" clarified Sinha.

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The Opposition and women activist have come out strongly against Sinha\'s comment and asked him to resign from his post. \"It shows perverted mindset. The statement from the CBI director is absolutely outrageous,\" said CPI leader Brinda Karat.

\"He has made an insensitive comment. If the head is talking like this than he should resign,\" said National Commission for Women chief Mamta Sharma.

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\"The CBI director should be asked to go, he has no business to talk like this,\" added Supreme Court lawyer Kamini Sharma.

While activist and former IPS officer Kiran Bedi has asked him to apologies publicly. \"The CBI director should issue public apology,\" said Bedi.
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