Monday, November 11, 2013

CBI should draw line between policy making and policing, says Chidambaram

Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday urged the CBI not question a government policy saying that it should respect the line that divides policy making and policing.

Chidambaram said it is not the business of CBI to question government\'s policy.

Addressing CBI\'s conference on corruption in Delhi, the finance minister also slammed the CBI saying that the agency pretends like a helpless victim when it pleads for autonomy. He also said that CBI is neither a caged bird nor a Congress Bureau.

Chidambaram also said investigator must cross a threshold that there was criminal intent before pressing charges in matters of financial crimes.

Addressing the CBI conference on Monday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had pledged to look into the issue of the Central Bureau of Investigation's (CBI\'s) legal foundation, even as he cautioned the investigation agency — at the helm of probes into high-profile scandals such as the Commonwealth Games, coal block and 2G spectrum allocation— against \"error of judgement\".

Singh stressed the sensitive nature of cases dealing with policy making and administration.

"Over time, investigating agencies in our country have been increasingly enquiring into administrative decisions and also matters relating to policy making. Such cases require great care in investigation.

\"Policy-making is a multi-layered and complex process in the government, and will increasingly become more so, and therefore I don't think it would be to appropriate for a police agency to sit in judgment over policy formulation, without any evidence of malafide,\" Singh said.
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