Tuesday, November 12, 2013

‘Bigg Boss 7’: Ego, temper, it’s an all out war!

It's a show that deals with all kinds of human emotions. Moments of agony and ecstasy are sporadically spread across the show as audiences witness a high voltage drama not knowing what may unfold in future.

Friends may turn foes overnight. Such is the format for the show where everyone tries to be at their diplomatic best. Grape juice doesn't take too long to turn into wine here!

Fourth time host Bollywood superstar Salman Khan rightly tweeted, "The format of the show is such that every week the games to win get complicated, contestants g upset, fans hurt but this is the show."

"its v complicated dealing vit slf respect,ego`s, anger, games, language,lies,drama,nominations,evictions every day it teaches u (sic)."

Audiences witnessed a masaledar drama last Saturday when they saw animated Armaan Kohli and Ajaz Khan indulging in a preposterous argument as they constantly tried to put each other down.

Ajaz called Armaan a "flop hero" and took pride in being a self made personality.

'Bigg Boss' season 7 began with a luke warm response with minimal drama but with time it is turning out to be a sensational show that promises entertainment aplenty.
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