Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ita s about light, love: Foreign students

LUDHIANA: People may come from foreign lands and alien cultures but the language of humanity is common to all. Take Verka from Macedonia, Gladys from Lesotho and Kretha from Namibia for instance. The students of Punjab College of Technical Education decided to celebrate Diwali by donating clothes, eatables and blankets to the needy.

On Diwali, when people splurge on new clothes, home decor, crackers and sweets, this group will give money to orphanages and slum areas. \"We have collected clothes, shoes, blankets and other useful things to distribute among slum residents and in the orphanage\" said Gladys, a student of bachelor of airlines, tourism and hotel management. Its not as if the altruism hit them like a bolt out of the blue. Verka, a student, explains how the thought crossed their minds. \"Last year, I spent Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 on crackers. Then I realized that had I spent half that money over needy people, it would give me more happiness,\" she said.

Verka said people don\'t have to buy new things but could give away unused articles in the house.
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