Monday, October 28, 2013

Almost all of them in Bigg Boss betrayed me: Asif Azim

Sunday, Oct 27, 2013,

Bangladeshi model and aspiring actor Asif Azim says that his co-inmates in Bigg Boss - Saath 7 were unfair to him and played dirty politics with him. He feels the game is all bout TRPs and politics.

\"I wanted to change them, change their mindset. But I couldn\'t. But I am thankful that I am out of there without them having changed me. At least I am still the same person I was when I entered,\" said Asif after being evicted on Saturday.

\"I am very happy to be out. I feel free. Almost all of them inside there betrayed me. I trusted them. But they played dirty politics with me. They\'d say one thing to me and something else to some other contestant. This created unnecessary confusion specially for someone as straight-thinking and honest as me,\" he added and confessed that Bigg Boss messed up his head.

\"It\'s all about politics and TRPs. It was almost as if their life depended on getting TRPs for themselves,\" he said.

Asif entered the Bigg Boss - Saath 7 house as a wild card entry.

\"Fortunately for me, I\'ve a life far beyond Bigg Boss. I\'ve businesses in Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangladesh. I am now looking forward to resuming my life from where I left off when I went inside,\" he said.

The model-actor confesses it was an ordeal trying to remain true to himself inside Bigg Boss.

\"I was determined not to use bad language of any kind, to not lose my temper or abuse anyone. I knew thousands were watching me in India, Bangladesh and the rest of the world. I didn\'t want to set the wrong example. I hope I\'ve inspired at least some people to be decent in the most difficult circumstances,\" he said.

While Asif was inside the Bigg Boss house, his girlfriend Candice Pinto was tongue-lashing Gauhar Khan for being unfair to Asif.

Asif quipped: \"Gauhar was not just unfair to me. She was unfair to everyone, including herself. I know there was a god watching from above and my family watching down below. I never got carried away inside the Bigg Boss house. And you know what? I am glad for the experience. It has taught me a lot.\"

Now that he is out, is marriage to Ms Pinto on the cards?

\"Not for three-four years now. First, I\'ve to establish myself as an actor. Though I am a businessman and a model it\'s my dream to be an actor. I am also responsible for the future of 11 children whom I\'ve adopted. By god\'s grace they are well looked-after. I had made it very clear to them that I\'d look after them only if I can afford to do so. Thankfully, I am capable of shouldering my responsibilities,\" he said.

Asif is glad to be back to his normal life.
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