Tuesday, November 5, 2013

UT\'s plan: Cycles behind buses

CHANDIGARH: Despite a number of their ideas to promote cycling having been failed in the past, the UT administration\'s zeal remains commendable as it comes up with another one. It plans to make provision on buses for hanging bicycles behind it.

With an aim to promote cycling, this facility can be introduced on the buses, says the draft master plan, which focuses on the need to promote public transport and cycling in the city.

Given the hike in the number and size of the cars in recent years, the concept of V7 roads or cycle tracks too have disappeared from the city. This indifference of the UT has left the newly-developed sectors without any provision for those who prefer to paddle their way. The existing tracks in the northern sectors are either blocked or pot-holed. The cycle tracks are being used by rowdy motorcyclists to avoid the traffic lights and petty thieves find the deserted tracks useful to scale the walls of the houses situated along these tracks.

Le Corbusier had insisted on having V7 network for the cyclists on all roads and there was no reason for subsequent planners to discard the idea during the expansion of Chandigarh in later stages.

\"To develop the culture of cycling, the first requirement is that of infrastructure in the form of cycle tracks and cycle stands \" which have apparently disappeared from the city. In places such as the Panjab University and PGI, wherein the students and faculty are still keen on adopting cycling as the means of transport, photostat shops have come up on the earmarked land for cycle stands,\" said Rakesh Mohindra, founder secretary of Chandigarh Amateur Cycling Association.
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