Friday, November 8, 2013

Time to pay obeisance to Sun god

LUDHIANA: Thousands of devotees on Friday gathered on the banks of the Satluj and the Sidhwan Canal performed \'sandhya agr\' on the third day of the Chhath Pooja celebrations. The day started with preparations of the religious celebrations. Devotees purchased fruits, coconut, sugarcanes, baskets and new clothes on the occasion.

The prayer ceremony - sandhya arg - holds great significance for the devotees. \"Our day started with purchasing new cloths, fruits, \'vaingi\' (basket made of bamboos) to carry all the offerings, kalash and mud lamps. Thereafter, we prepared a special prasad - methi mathhi - that is made of jaggery and wheat flour. Tomorrow those who have observed fast will break their fast by eating this special prasad after the sunrise.\" said Sangeeta Misra, a resident of Jamalpur.

In the evening, thousand of devotees assembled on the bank of the Satluj and Sidhwan Canal along with their offerings. When the sun was about to set, they entered the waters and chanted hymns. The combination of beautiful sunlight and hymns created a pious ambience. Hundred of cops were deployed to keep the situation under control.
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