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A delegation of the United Cycle & Parts Manufacturers Association had a meeting with Sh. K.L Sharma Chief Engineer Punjab State Power Corporation Limited Ludhiana (Central Zone) under the Presidentship of S. Gurmeet Singh Kular, today i.e. 12.04.2013 regarding the problems to be faced with recently hike in power tariff rates. He was kind enough to give patient hearing in this respect.

Before we express our views we would like to kindly accept our heartiest well wishes on behalf of the 2250 MSME industrial unit's members. Our association is one of the most leading reputed and prestigious one in Asia in a single trade including exporters earning foreign exchange for the Country. We are very much oblige for the patronage provided to the small scale industry by the Government and have ample confidence that the Punjab Government will continue to keep the welfare of the small scale units in future also. Further we would like to have your sympathetic view on following points to protect the reeling bicycle industry.

1. Octori being charged on electricity consumption should be abolished at all which is an additional burden on the consumers as there is no octori is being charged anywhere in Punjab.

2. Presently PSPCL is charging excise duty @13% on Power Tariff. With increase in tariff, excise duty will also increase. We request your goodself that excise duty should be fixed rather it should be reduced.

We regret to know that the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited has announced hike in power tariff to all the categories of consumers including increase in the peak load exemption charges and minimum charges. The main burden has been put on small scale units as compared to increase in the other categories. When the supply is metered one then the minimum charges being charged are against the norms. Such a recommendation is an indirect admission of failure of the govt. To honor it's often repeated words to make the state power surplus.

Our Association strongly criticizes the increase in tariff which will make the adverse position of the cycle industry of the city which is already reeling under recession due to non availability of man power, inflow of export of Chinese Cycle Products and nearby states like Himanchal Pradesh, J & K and Uttaranchal who are enjoying the benefit of the being the tax holiday states. Instead of mitigating the misery of the industry, the department is going to increase the same by this increase.

As the industry is already in crisis due to the uncooperative attitude of the Government and on the other hand this hike in prices is an additional burden for the industry & common man as well as due to the hike in prices automatically will increase the price of the products. As electricity is the raw material for the machineries and as we all are aware that the machineries we import are power driven and this hike will give birth to price hike of products which will not be in favour of the industry and the consumers as well.

Sir, Bicycle Industry is the second largest industry in the state. It can be compared to a hen which laid golden eggs. Please take pity on this industry and prevent those out to assassinate it in the unlikely hope to get all the golden eggs at one stroke.

In the end we request PSPCL that the revised rates may be immediately reversed at all which will be at interest of the industry especially to the MSME units who are dominating the cycle industry. The industry as well as the public will remain indebted to PSPCL and the State government for this noble cause.

In the meeting following members were present :- Sh. K.K Seth of M/s. Seth Industrial Corporation , Sh. Inderjit Singh Navyug, Sr. Vice President, Sh. Pardeep Wadhawan, Secretary, Sh. Baljit Singh Lotey Joint Secretary, Sh. Ajit Kumar Prop. Secretary, Sh. Rajeev Jain of M/s. RR Bikes, Sh. Jagatvir Singh of M/s. Ason Industries

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